War Memorials at Berkswell and Temple Balsall

Lest we forget – Berkswell & Balsall remember the fallen


The first world war took a terrible toll of lives of the men on active service. When it was over, people all over the country erected memorials to ensure that the men who had died would never be forgotten. Some take the form of a plaque on the wall of a church or chapel but many, especially in villages, are a focal point for the annual act of rememberance which, until 1939, took place on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month – the exact day of the signing of Armistice.

Berkswell War Memorial


Berkswell War Memorial stands in the churchyard. It was consecrated in 1920. It is a square building of red sandstone with arches on 3 sides. Inside are engraved the names of 38 men who lost their lives in the 1st world war and 10 from the 2nd.

Berkswell War Memorial

Temple Balsall War Memorial – the lych-gate


The Balsall memorial is the lych-gate at the east side of the cemetry at Temple Balsall, in Rabbit Lane. Building of the lych-gate was started in Autumn 1920 and it was completed just in time for the consecration ceremony in the spring of 1921 which was performed by the Bishop of Coventry. On the lintel over the gates ae the words “In Memory of the Fallen”; on the pillar to the left is engraved the dates “1914-1918” and on the pillar to the right the dates “1939-1945”. Inside the gates to the left are the names of 19 men who died in the first world was and to the right are 9 names from the second.


The Lych-gate at the Cemetry at Temple Balsall is the Balsall War Memorial.


[Adapted from Original Article 1989 by C.M.Fell which can be found in the local history section at Balsall Common Library]