Sweet Memories (traditional sweet shop)

Sweet Memories is a traditional sweet shop situated in the heart of Balsall Common next to the library on Kenilworth Road.  Set up by Jackie Cannon who has lived in the village for many years, assisted by friends and family the shop is growing in popularity.

With around 200 jars of classic old fashioned sweets as well as a few new favourites it is hard to know where to start or what to choose.  Jackie has the answer,

“Take all the time you need. And if you’re really having trouble deciding, simply pick one or two favourites and save the rest for your next visit.”

And if you’re both long and sweet in the tooth, you might even be qualified to help Jackie with her mission to take your taste-buds on a trip down memory lane. Standing in front of the impressive array of taste sensations from yesteryear, it’s hard to imagine anything has been overlooked, but customers have helped identify forgotten gems, and maybe you can too. Jackie’s never happier than when she’s trying to track down your forgotten favourites.

Jackie says,

“Our customers are so enthusiastic about their sweets from bye-gone days, and we can usually find most things. There is a few classics like spangles which are no longer manufactured but if someone has a particular sweet in mind it is likely we can find it for them”.

The shop not only sells loose sweets but also packet sweets (old and new types), wedding favours, hampers, party bags and tins – all of which can be filled to the brim with sweet memories of a
bygone age.

There has been considerable efforts made to open the shop and Jackie intends to keep improving what’s on offer, how it’s sold and presented – already she has increased the floor area for
customers and staff and there are now two scales so waiting times are dramatically cut during the busier periods.

Why not pop along and take in a blast from the past, a veritable banquet of sweets from yesteryear, as Jackie put it, “where else can you buy a smile in a bag for just one pound?”