We answer some of your most regular questions:

Do you make money from the site?

No. Since our launch in May 2004 this project has been self funded and not run for financial reward.  In that time we have paid for our hosting and treated content generation as a spare-time labour of love.

What’s in it for you?

We actually enjoy running this site.  When we first talked about doing this in 2003 we were driven by a perception that not everyone knew where to find out information about their own village, that not everybody felt they belonged in Balsall Common. At the time there was a shortage of centralised depositories of information about local clubs, groups, activities and societies, or places to go and things to see.


We wanted to help empower people to become involved in what was at the time, a fast-growing settlement like Balsall Common. That was a big motivation when we got together – and although residential expansion has abated (for the timebeing at least) and local information provision improved (take the Bugle magazine for example) – continues to be so today.


The success of this site means we’ve attracted the attention of many ‘would-be’ advertisers.  During this time we’ve resisted the urge to accept ‘paid-for’ advertising, although it is possible our view on this could change in future. However, irrespective of when this occurs our intention will be to remain ‘community’ driven – to be a focal point for local news and information, to help people to forge new relationships, promote local interests (for individuals, clubs, groups, charities, societies and commerce) and hopefully contribute in some small way to strengthening our local community.


I’ve only just found out about this site – why don’t you publicise it more?

We do publicise BalsallCom.Com periodically but have tended to avoid this.  We did appear regularly in Look Local magazine for a period of time (a big ‘thank you’ to Look Local for their support) and going back to 2004/5, distributed flyers from places such as the library, John Shepherds Estate Agents and Berkswell Station.  We even handed out loads of flyers at the 2004 Lions bonfire.  However we have preferred to limit publicity for a variety of reasons including:

  • Cost – we weren’t generating income so it had to be free or cheap publicity only
  • This has always been a spare-time project. We have day jobs – we didn’t want to advertise a site which could lay dormant for periods at a time
  • We thought ‘word of mouth’ would be good enough for what we were about

    BalsallCom.Com also has significant-sized interactive communities on Facebook and Twitter which both help to generate some very effective word-of-mouth publicity for the site.


    How do I get coverage for our business at BalsallCom.Com?


    Follow this link and read about how to get your Balsall Common business listing or news story published for free