Trustees needed for Jubilee Centre

Are you able to help the Jubilee centre continue to offer a high-quality community space to the residents of Balsall Common and Berkswell?

Two years ago, the Jubilee in Balsall Common was facing closure and an open meeting was held to find a new team who were prepared to sit as Trustees to try to revive this Community Centre in the heart of Balsall Common

Several people came forward and set to work to raise funds to completely refurbish the building, put a new structure in place and set the charity on a better footing

This work has been completed and the Jubilee is now a thriving registered charity with a full timetable of activities available to the local community. The building is regularly hired out for events, activities and parties to such an extent that the centre is completely self-sustaining financially

However, the Jubilee cannot afford to stand still – it needs to continue to develop if it is not to decline, particularly as the Balsall Common community will grow over the next few years. The current Committee and volunteers will not carry on indefinitely. If it is to sustain and build upon its achievements to date, the Jubilee needs new people with the time, energy and skills to join as Trustees.

Can you help us? Many volunteers find that their input enables them to

  • meet other local people,
  • add balance to their working lives
  • gives them a positive purpose
  • gain recognition in the community and at work

Please take the time to find out about what it means to be Trustee at the Jubilee

Here is some initial information:

Trustees normally meet six times a year for a maximum of two hours. The meetings are arranged flexibly to try to meet the needs of those who wish to attend.

The charity is structured so that Trustees have no financial liability, but they do carry responsibility to ensure that the Jubilee is well run. In addition to this Trustees are expected to read and respond to short, but regular, emails and other communications in between meetings. Trustees can choose to be involved in as much, or as little, of the day to day running of the Jubilee as fits with their other commitments. Trustees are often able to use their particular areas of expertise for the furtherance of the work of the Jubilee (eg IT, marketing, finance, building maintenance)

For more information, with no obligation, please contact Sue White:

Email: Phone: 07759223846

Thank you