Balsall Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan consultation

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Balsall Parish NDP enters Pre-Submission Phase

Balsall Parish Council is currently consulting on the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan they have developed using evidence from surveys, interviews, consultation events and expert advice.

Residents and business owners are invited to review the draft document comprising 40 policies and aspirations aimed at safeguarding the local area.

Details of the consultation process including the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan can be viewed on the Balsall Parish Council website at the link below:

2019 Pre-Submission Consultation

Public Consultation Ends 25th January 2019

The public consultation on the pre-submission draft Neighbourhood Development Plan ends at 5pm on Friday 25th January 2019. Members of the community are invited to review the draft Plan and provide feedback to the Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Development Plan Committee. Representations should include your full name, address and postcode and be submitted by emailing via either or

For more in-depth insights into the project’s current status, including background research and how to participate in the current phase visit the following page at the Balsall Parish Council website:

Balsall Parish NDP Pre-Submission Consultation

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