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F1 Challenge for local primary school

As the Formula 1 season gets underway in Melbourne, our local school are busy preparing for their very own F1 Challenge.

Balsall Common Primary School children taking part in the F1 in Schools Challenge had a huge boost recently when they got to visit Solihull College, Smithswood, and test their cars in a wind tunnel.

The children start off with a basic chassis and then have to design their own bodywork around it. Ian Dunnington from Jaguar Land Rover has visited the school to give practical advice on aerodynamics so testing the theory is crucial.

Following a meeting at Solihull Chamber of Commerce John Callaghan, Principle & Chief Executive of Solihull College, and Shaun Hindle, Senior Director of Employment and Skills agreed to help the teams by allowing them access to the college’s facilities.

Shaun Hindle was our guide for the day and generously gave up his time to personally show us round and answer any questions, of which the children had many. The children were very excited as they had no idea where they were going or the nature of the trip.

It was a huge boost to all of the teams both in terms of building confidence in their team and its tasks and in understanding their F1 project.

They got to see the engineering sections, MOT bays, aeronautical engineering section where they got to go onto a real plane, have access to the college’s 3D printer, to print the wheels, and get to test in the wind tunnel!

Howard Rose, Funding & Publicity Manager said, “What a fantastic opportunity this has been to inspire the children and support them with their F1 Challenge. I would like to extend my thanks to John and Shaun for allowing us to visit and to use their wonderful facilities.

This has had such a positive impact on the children. One even wants to come and work at the college in the future he was so impressed!”

John Callaghan, Principal and Chief Executive said “It was our pleasure to host Balsall Common Primary School and help with their current F1 project. As a College we believe it is key to inspire and invest in future generations and we hope that all of the students enjoyed their visit to Solihull College. We want to work with Balsall Common Primary School and other local schools in the future to allow students to see the excellent facilities we have on offer here at Solihull College and University Centre.”