New Musical gets underway

Friday 5th June 2015:

The curtains go up on an ambitious original works by Centre Stage as their new musical Triple Cross gets underway at The Heart of England School this evening.

Yaz Zahran and Malcolm Briggs, the creative force behind the show describe the show’s story as follows:

Centre Stage present original musical drama Triple Cross
“Three generations of the Cross family live together in Streatham, South London. Richard and Julie own the house that they share with their son, Jack and Richard’s father, George. Richard and Jack do not see eye-to-eye most of the time as they cannot agree on the best career for Jack, whose main passion is music. Richard would prefer him to be an accountant, like himself.

Over the course of the play, which takes place over the spring of 2005, we see an evolving pattern of conflict and mediation, the latter mostly by Julie, over Jack’s future. Along the way, we are entreated to flashbacks of both Richard and George’s past and events which were catalysts for the way they handle themselves today.

We visit the 1930’s, 1950’s and 1970’s to explore the elder Cross men’s backgrounds in both words and music. We also see the similarities between each of the men and their relationships with their women, who are evidently the driving forces in their lives. Only towards the end do they start to recognise how history repeats itself each generation and how much they all depend on each other.”

Centre Stagers Yaz and Malcolm, keen to recognise the demands on their team and unsung heroes added:

“A production like this is a massive endeavour for a group of our size and we are indebted to all our members who have thrown themselves into the show with enthusiasm and fervour. We are also supported by Simple Purple, to add some harmony to our own singing talents. But we simply could not have considered this type of show without our Musical Director, Grace, so to her and the band she expertly puts together each time, many thanks. Equally, we have been supported by many people you will not see on stage tonight and to them also go our undying gratitude.”

Tickets for the show – with dates which run from Friday 5th June to Saturday 13th June – are available for £8 each. Call 01676 534220 or visit