Singer Paris dedicates song to Facebook fans

'Stay With Me' says Paris to fans
‘Stay With Me’ says Paris to fans

19 year old singer-songwriter Paris Georgia generously handed over some of her creative process to Facebook fans by inviting them to choose her latest Song of the Month, a cover of Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’, released last night.


The former Heart of England School pupil is no stranger to the limelight, with appearances at Wembley Arena under her belt already and collection of original material studio-recorded previously in 2013. Paris is already well-known on the local music scene, but is enjoying a big surge in followers locally, following performances in Balsall’s Got the Voice through August and September, as part of this year’s Balsall Common Festival celebrations.


Here is Paris performing her October Song of the Month, Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me”:


Readers are invited to play a part in choosing Paris’s next Song of the Month by joining her on Facebook. You can find and ‘Like’ her page by visiting:


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