Pantomime cow escapes during rehearsals

Maisy Moo
Maisy Moo – cast members finally caught up with her in Knowle

Maisy-Moo the Centre Stage pantomime cow had an attack of stage-fright on Saturday morning and made a break for it during rehearsals. Shocked cast members were thrown into a frenzied search after she ran out mid-scene and disappeared down the road.  A frantic search ensued in which her trail went cold. For a while at least.


There were a number of sightings reported in Balsall Common village centre before cast-members finally caught up with the nerve-stricken cow on Knowle High Street (pictured).

Cast members are confident there will no repeats during their live shows which get underway at the end of the month, having stocked up on a job-lot of horse tranquilisers to calm her down.


“We’re not completely sure what happened at the weekend with Maisy Moo” explained baffled Centre Stage Chairman Carl Hemming. “One minute she seemed fine, next thing we know, pffft, she’s gone! Out of there. Unbelievable.”


Carl is confident there won’t be any repeats.


“If she runs off again we’ll just have to shoot her.”


Tickets for the series of shows at the Heart of England School through January and February are on sale now. Tickets are £8 each, or £6 for oncessions. Telephone Sue on 01676 534220.