Paddy Doyle continues march towards triple century

Paddy Doyle's 13 mile backpack speed-march challenge
Paddy Doyle’s 13 mile backpack speed-march challenge

“I still intend to push myself to continue for as long as I can” said a jubilant Paddy Doyle after successfully claiming another Guinness World Record on Saturday to put himself just two short of a triple century of career strength stamina and fitness records. Balsall Common’s irrepressible world endurance champion was speaking in Henley-In-Arden after completing a gruelling 13-mile speed-march encumbered by a 100lb back-pack, across muddy paths, stiles and overgrown fields.


The former Paratrooper’s official time of 4 hours 18 mins, knocked 39 minutes off the previous bench mark, in a record attempt which required Paddy to employ navigational skills as part of the challenge.


The record challenge also came with the additional mental challenge of a last-minute decision to bring the challenge start-time forward, a decision that was taken because of concerns over incoming weather patterns, a situation that was far from ideal, given Paddy’s concerns about entering the challenge carrying injuries from previous record challenges.


“Myself and my team of pacers along with officials decided to start at 7am, so we could avoid any bad weather, however I was carrying numerous injury’s going into this challenge which was affecting my focus.”


Paddy found help in the form of supporters and pacers who kept him going all the way to the finish:


“I did not want to tell the other team members” said Paddy, referring to the extent of his struggle with injuries, “as this wouldn’t have helped with morale. I needed them to think I was OK so they would encourage me to go for it as much as possible.”


This now brings his career of strength speed stamina records to 298, of which 196 still remain as current documented records.


“I am excited and looking forward to reaching my 300th fitness endurance record, it has been a long hard and mentally challenging road”.


One he intends to remain on a little while longer yet.