Creative Heart of England pupil brings hit TV show to stage


The 14 year old dynamo broadcaster behind Berkswell Windmill Radio (BWR) has turned his creative forces to theatre by writing his own version of the US TV hit comedy Golden Girls, a production that will raise money for charity and run from 10th to 12th July at the Heart of England School.


Liam has taken the critically acclaimed American sitcom which aired on NBC from 1985 to 1992 and reshaped it for the stage, in what Liam believes to be the first ever stage version of the show.


Golden Girls at Heart of England School


Venue: Heart of England School, Gypsy Lane, Balsall Common
Dates: 10th – 12th July 2013
Time: 7:30pm
Tickets: £3.50 adults; £2.50 children aged 16 or under (advanced reservations required)
Enquiries/bookings: Email


Liam is also happy to be contacted about the show via Facebook.