Stunning views of Chattaways ruins to remain in Balsall Common?

The incredible views in the centre of Balsall Common where Chattaways and other commercial premises were demolished to make way for a Sainsburys could remain a tourist attraction for some time to come.


The developers responsible for the project were placed into receivership by their bankers after getting caught up in a spiral of rising costs.   The bank is currently working through the process of finding a buyer for the land, bids for which were due in by 20th February.


The spectacular desolate vista in downtown Balsall Common, drastically improved recently (not) when the surrounding hoardings blew down.  It’s currently unclear how quickly the view will improve as the insolvent developers do not appear to be in a rush to tidy things up.


Balsall Common Parish Council and the Village Residents Association are in talks with Solihull Council seeking a suitable solution.


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