School league tables place Heart of England school third in the borough for A-Level results

Mr Mackereth, Headmaster of Heart of England School

Just released secondary school league tables for 2011 reveal the brilliant news that Balsall Common’s Heart of England ranks third in the Solihull borough for A-level results (and even better, second if you count only state schools). For GCSE results, the school modestly moved up one place to 10th compared to 2010.

We invited Headmaster Mr. Andrew Mackereth to comment on the results:

“We are delighted for our students who gained the 2nd best results in the school history. We are pleased to be making progress as a school but recognise that we still have a lot to do to bring results in all subjects up to the same high standards as our highest performing ones.

Whilst the league tables do allow us to benchmark ourselves against the other school in the Local Authority and beyond, we won’t allow ourselves too much time for a backward glance. Our priority is to address our areas for improvement so that our current crop of young people get every chance of success and fulfillment.



The staff are exceedingly dedicated to our students and work tirelessly to ensure that results this coming August will show further dramatic progress. “

The school is a popular choice for many families including those who live outside of its catchment area, and is a significant contributor to the desirability and reputation of Balsall Common.

You can visit the school website at . The league tables are best viewed from the BBC website using this link