Railway bridge strike at Berkswell in mobile home “too small for hole” shocker

A photo entitled "Too big for the hole" taken by local historian and crack photographer Lord Harry Parker

Bridge strikes of one sort or another are a regular occurrence at the railway underpass next to Berkswell Station but last Sunday saw a piece of motoring buffoonery of epic proportions as a driver conjured up a jaw-dropping ‘wedgie’ when attempting to tow a mobile home through the bolt-hole, without success.

This epic motoring fail was first signalled to finely tuned ears in the vicinity by a tremendous bang, followed by tell-tale scraping and crumpling sounds as the plucky caravan lost its’ battle to remain fully intact all the way through the hole. The sound and sight of the stranded family camping unit prompted a sudden assembly of onlookers who made themselves useful initially by laughing and taking pictures and stuff. Eye witness, photographer and incident trouble-shooter Harry Parker helped paint the scene,

“The driver of the car was mortified! Lots of people came out of the pub [The Railway Inn] to have a look as it is a fairly regular event on a Sunday for somebody to be wedged.”

The caravan was so tightly wedged beneath the bridge, that 5 people still needed to get inside after the tyres had been let down to create enough down-force to release it. Regular viewers of BBC’s Top Gear show will no doubt be aware of their presenters much-documented love affair with mobile homes and ‘get’ Harry when he quipped,

“I’m sure if Jeremy Clarkson saw this picture he would be highly amused!”

Knowing what Clarkson’s like, we think he’s probably right.

Craig Burgess
Head of BalsallCom.Com’s Buffoon and Nincompoop Detection Unit

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