15/12/05 – Lions strike tour deal with Santa!

15/12/05 – Lions strike tour deal with Santa!
Posted on Thursday, December 15 @ 00:09:17 GMT by craig


Anonymous writes “Santa to tour Burton Green, Balsall Common, Berkswell and Fen End


Balsall Common Lions have pulled it off again! They’ve cut an amazing deal in Lapland and flown Santa in for a pre-Christmas spin round the block to see the kids and spray goodwill in everyone’s faces. And while he’s doing that Lions International will be handing out Christmas Cards and raising cash for good causes.

Now I’m no scrooge but there is an element of this plan I take slight issue with. I don’t understand Santa’s willingness to come see all these pesky kids. They’ve clearly ridden their luck this year and must rank as the naughtiest batch ever. I just can’t figure why the jolly old fat bloke would want to visit when he could be making extra presents for the good kids.


Anyway I suspect he was in two minds and it was those cool ‘roary’ Lion dudes who persuaded him to come back for the 30th year running. So well done them and well done him for agreeing to make the trip the mad fool.


So when is the tour? It commences on Friday 16th December 2005 with St Nick kicking off his tour in Burton Green, then Balsall Common, Berkswell and Fen End, where he’ll receive abuse, have Christmas puddings and broken furniture thrown at him and wave till his arms fall off.


All our local Lions Club ask in return is that you give great dollops of cash for good causes. So stick some where it’ll be easy to grab and hand over quickly to these kindly souls when they visit your street.


Santa’s Tour Dates


Santa’s tour around Balsall Common, Berkswell, Fen End and Burton Green runs from 18th to 23rd December as follows …


Santa’s Christmas Float Schedule


Friday 16th December – Burton Green – 5.30 – 9.00pm

Hodgetts Lane
Cromwell Lane
Westwood Heath Road
Roughknowles Road
Whitefield Close
Copt Oak Close
Coleby Close
Sports Centre (Tile Hill)
Duggins Lane
Lant Close


Saturday 17th – South Balsall – 5.30 – 9.00pm

Kenilworth Road (start at southern end)
Alder Lane
Gipsy Lane
Gipsy Close
Leveson Crescent
Cedarwood Drive
Arden Close
Elmwood Close
Laurels Crescent
Malvern Road
Runnymede Drive
Clive Road
Kelsey Lane
Blythe Avenue
Sedgemore Grove
Catchem’s Corner
Windmill Lane
Wellfield Close
Meeting House Lane (Kelsey Lane End)


Tuesday 20th – Berkswell & east Balsall – 6.00 – 9.00pm

Old Waste Lane
Waste Lane (East of Disused Railway Bridge)
Hodgetts Lane
Berkswell Village
Grovefield Crescent
Eborne Croft
Wilmot Close
Birch Grove
Meadow Rise
Riddings Hill
Huggins Close
Floyd Grove
Watson Way
Huddesford Drive
Station Road from Railway to Sunnyside Lane
Brickyard Close


Wednesday 21st – Fen End & West Balsall – 6.00 – 9.00pm

Oakley ‘dokerley’ Estate, Fen End
Balsall Street (Start at Saracen’s Head)
Saracen’s Drive
Tudor Close
Shenstone Drive
Whitnash Close
Needlers End Lane
Grange Road
Ferndale Road
Temple Avenue
Greenbank Road
Winsford Close
Speedwell Drive


Thursday 22nd – North Balsall – 6.00 – 9.00pm

Start in Greenfield Avenue
Glebe Way
Ashley Way
Gorton Croft
Michael Blanning Place
Dengate Drive
Shortfield Close
Finch Croft
Whitehead Grove
Wootton Green Lane
Hawthorne Drive
Kenilworth Road (North)
Chapel Drive
Hathaway Close
Turnpike Close
Station Road (to Sunnyside Lane)
Green Lane
Dockers Close
Sunnyside Lane
Beverley Close
Barretts Lane
Rushton Close
Oxhayes Close
Elm Grove
Meeting House Lane (Station Road End)


Friday 23rd – Central Balsall/Kemps Green Road Estate – 5.30 – 9.00pm

Station Road (starting at island heading towards Balsall Street)
Burleigh Close
Dunchurch Close
Hawkswood Drive
Priors Close
Burberry Grove
Kenilworth Close
Coplow Close
Balsall Street East
Welby Gate
Kemps Green Road
Asbury Road
Wilton Road
Dale Meadow Close
Finford Croft
Foxes Way
Ashfurlong Close
Drybrooks Close
Bradley Croft
Sear Hills Close
Bracebridge Close
Newhouse Croft
Chattaway Drive
Stoneton Crescent
Tidmarsh Close
Childs Oak Close

p.s. Kids, make sure Santa’s helpers are amply rewarded, to ensure Santa is equally generous to you!

Merry Christmas to everyone (except for the pesky kids)



Craigy B