Ramble on against High Speed 2

Artists impression of HS2 at Berkswell Station

Hundreds of walkers will be descending on Burton Green from all directions this weekend as part of a massive ramble party organised by local HS2 Action Groups along the proposed route of the non-stop London to Birmingham High Speed line. Organisers have put together a programme of walks through open countryside affected by the route, setting out from places including Hampton-in-Arden, Balsall Common and Kenilworth and converging on a post-walk party at Burton Green Village Hall.
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Balsall Common to Hampton-In-Arden

Balsall Common to Hampton in Arden is a pleasant and scenic ride if you avoid the busy roads. This route is suitable for standard “off road” bikes (i.e. Mountain bikes) and will take between 1-3 hours to complete.

The route

Using the miracles of modern technology and not wanting to infringe Ordinance Survey Crown copyright, I present a highly detailed map….


1)Start at the Saracens pub heading out of the village

2) Turn right down Barston Lane

3) Follow the road to the left at the junction, continuing along Barston Lane towards, er, Barston.

4) Just over Barston Bridge, there is a turning into to a dead-end road on the right (Ryton End). Take this road.

5) At the end of Ryton End you will come to a gate, go through it.

6) Follow the off-road bumpy drive towards West Midlands Golf Club/Fishing Lake

7) Sludge around the lake trying to the fish getting dirty looks from Fishermen if you make any sound.

8) Half way around the lake is a little bridge exiting lakeside(“Packhorse Bridge). go over the bridge.

9) Follow the trail around some small fishing lakes and should come out on Marsh Lane. Turn Left towards Hampton-on-Arden.

9) Follow the road alongside the railway into Hampton on Arden and spend some time recovering in the pub or church depending on your religion.

10)Coming back, you can take the same way or exit the Golf club using the official entrance.

..rembering not to go under any railway bridge as this will take you onto the noisy and smelly A452.

For a change, you can take woolten lane back to the Balsall Common.

28/11/04 – Walkers, cyclists and horses have rights too!

Balsall Common Residents Association’s Anne Santos muses about the area’s lack of a “Greenway” initiative, in particular with respect to the disused railway line between Balsall and Kenilworth. Essentially this means developing walker/cyclist/horse-friendly routes in the area.

To read her article and find out more about “Greenways”, Read more……

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