17/05/06 – Paddy Doyle begins assault on more World Records

As if breaking 135 National, European and World records at different levels since 1987 wasn’t sufficient, Balsall Common’s Paddy Doyle is planning 2 more world record challenges in 12 months of tough endurance events.

Doyle is aiming to be selected again to represent Great Britain at the World Record Games in Germany and the World Record Challenge Games in the USA. Paddy is already in heavy training entering ‘ultra’ hill and mountain races against fell runners and endurance athletes to produce the fitness levels required for his two record challenges.
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22/03/06 – Iron man Doyle obliterates world record

Paddy Doyle blew apart yet another endurance world record at the Living Well in Brindley Place, Birmingham in February as he completed one of his toughest challenges yet, more than 1 hour and 2 minutes inside the previous standard.

The previous world record time of 18 hours, 15 minutes, 2 seconds held by Rob Powell “USA” was eclipsed by Paddy’s 17 hours, 12 minutes & 33 seconds.

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05/01/06 – Paddy Doyle to attempt new World Record

[This article has been edited 08/01/05 to incorporate a change of event location from Solihull to Birmingham]

The next 12 months is destined to be the toughest yet for Balsall Common’s official World Fittest Athlete Champion Paddy Doyle. The endurance Champion is preparing for another demanding physical fitness record attempt on Monday 27 February 2006 at the Living Well Club at Brindley Place, Broad Street, Birmingham.
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