Graffiti workshop and live music comes to Balsall youth

Editorial note added 29th October at 14:50 – since this article was first published the venue has been changed to St Peter’s Church – something to do with the tub-thumping anti-rail eco-warriors refusing to vacate the Jubilee Centre we expect [unconfirmed wild speculation].

Word is out that a youth event including graffiti workshop and live music event is coming to Balsall Common this Saturday (30th October) at the Jubilee Centre on Station Road. The event is the creation of the local Joint Youth Project and aims to draw in large numbers of youths from both inside and outside the existing group as organiser Helen Dawes explains,
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11 year old caught up in censorship storm

Mills Newsagents has been attacked in the Solihull News by an irate father for refusing to sell his 11-year-old son a tabloid newspaper. Heart of England pupil Harvey Hicks tried to purchase a copy of The Sun for his grandparents at the shop in the village centre on Station Road but was told by the shop assistant that he had to be 18-years-old to purchase it.
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Solihull Town Mayor opens Jubilee Community and Youth Centre

Solihull’s Town Mayor Ian Courts congratulated project workers on their sterling work when he officially re-opened the redeveloped Jubilee Community and Youth Centre on 28th September. The Mayor, himself a resident of Balsall Common, speaking at the former library building, also used the opportunity to discuss concerns in the community such as the emerging threat of HS2.
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Rhythm Time Expands Autumn 2010 Classes after 15 successful years in Balsall Common

This Autumn Balsall Common Rhythm time will be expanding its classes to a Monday morning with classes for babies age 0-14 months and toddlers age 14 months-3yrs.
Rhythm Time’s owner and founder Kathy Doolan is a qualified music teacher and after having children wanted to combine a love of music and children with a business fitting around her young family. She created music courses that were both fun and musically and educationally sound. With a box of instruments she embarked on her new venture with the very first class in Balsall Common in 1995.