Free life-saving training offered to residents

Fast Aid's Jeffrey Way
Fast Aid’s Jeffrey Way

Knowing how to respond to a life-threatening condition could be a surprisingly valuable skill in a seemingly well-equipped location like Balsall Common according to emergency community responders at Fast Aid, who are offering free Basic Life Support training to local residents, following the success of recent sessions in the village. Balsall Common Fast Aid representative and community first responder Jeffrey Way illustrates the specific local issue, using cardiac arrest as his example:


“Balsall Common is right on the edge of the areas covered by Solihull & Coventry Ambulance Stations and because of this it can take a long time for an Ambulance to arrive at an emergency. Figures suggest that irreversible brain damage usually occurs within 4 minutes of an untreated attack, followed by death within 6-8 minutes.”

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Total disruption for 12 weeks as Sainsburys come to town

Development work finally got underway recently on transforming the former Total garage into a Sainsburys branded mini-store and petrol station. Developers expect the work to last for just 12 weeks and have assured the Balsall Common Village Residents Association that every effort will be made to keep disruption to a minimum.

Centre Stage recruiting for next production

Not quite a Jaguar – scene from the Madness-inspired ‘Our House’ musical – summer 2013

Balsall Common’s Centre Stage are holding a presentation for their next production Cinderella and the Magic Beanstalk this Thursday evening at the Heart of England School. The New Year pantomime – written by Centre Stage’s own Yasmin Zahran, writer of last summer’s ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme and idea!’ and Co-director of this summer’s hugely successful interpretation of Madness-inspired West End musical ‘Our House’ – is open to new faces both back and front of house.


This Thursday’s presentation will discuss the storyline, characters, job roles needed, read through the script and explain the audition process, as Chairman Carl Hemming explains:

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Bengal Brasserie gets behind Balsall Common fete


Balsall Common fete planners received a fine boost yesterday as the Bengal Brasserie joined forces as event sponsors for what is expected to be big crowd puller on Saturday 28th September 2013. The restaurant on Kenilworth Road in Balsall Common already has a fine reputation for supporting local causes as well as contemporary Bangladeshi and Indian cuisine and friendly staff.

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HS2 route through Berkswell & Balsall could be safeguarded before week’s out

The London to Birmingham route-section for HS2 could be ‘safeguarded’ by the end of this week, a significant step among many, given that such a move would prevent any other forms of development work which might interfere with the planned route. This would also trigger the the Statutory Blight process for affected domestic and commercial property owners along the route.


For more information about recent developments, including this week’s COmmon’s vote on the HS2 Preparation (Paving) Bill, see this report at the Knight Frank blog:


High Speed Rail safeguarding imminent