Stop HS2 campaigners launch hotline

Joe Rukin, Chair of the Kenilworth Stop HS2 campaign group and co-founder of national group ‘Stop HS2’ reports:

Stop HS2 Consultation Hotline launched as Institiute for Economic Affairs question HS2 business case

STOP HS2, the body campaigning against the proposed high speed rail link have set up a hotline for people still unsure how to respond to the HS2 consultation, which closes on Friday 29th July. This came on the same day as the Institute for Economic Affairs produced a report claiming that HS2 was a “recipe for disaster” based on “bogus assumptions” and that “the forever-embattled British taxpayer will end up footing the bill for this latest white elephant”.

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Anti-HS2 campaigners consultation deadline warning

Joe Rukin writes on the subject of High Speed 2 – the planned rail link from London to Birmingham (and later beyond). He is also Chair of the Kenilworth Stop HS2 Action Group and co-founder of Stop HS2, the national campaigning body against HS2. Today he warns residents the public consultation period is coming to an end and their time to act is now.

Stop HS2 gear up for ‘final push’

Stop HS2 campaigners across the country are gearing up for a ‘final push’ to get responses to the HS2 consultation before the deadline of 29th July. This will kick off tomorrow (Saturday 16th July) with the official opening of the national Stop HS2 campaign HQ in Kenilworth. Initially the centre will be used as a drop-in centre for people wanting help responding to the consultation before being used to push the campaign forward in other areas from August.

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