Dental team take war on sugar into the community


The health conscious team at Balsall Common Dental Practice have gone all Jamie Oliver on us by taking their war on sugar into the community. Their schools engagement programme forms part of this effort and includes sessions such as their recent ‘Meet the Parents’ session at Meriden Primary School in September.


“These sessions are a great opportunity to educate parents about the risks of not only tooth decay, but also diabetes, heart disease and obesity” explains Clinical Manager Rebecca Swalwell.


“We have been visiting Meriden Primary School for a number of years now and were delighted when Kaylee and I were invited to return to the school again this year to meet some of the new parents.”


“Everyone was shocked at how much sugar is hidden in food and drinks marketed as a healthy alternatives.
Within the practice we have always had the philosophy that prevention is better than cure. Educating parents and children is key to helping the next generation. Our approach has dramatically reduced the amount of decay we see in our regular patients!”

Sugar Swaps

Kaylee with her Sugar Swaps game.
Kaylee with her Sugar Swaps game.

Kaylee introduces Sugar Swaps, the educational game designed to raise awareness about the incredible amount of sugar found lurking in every day food and drinks. One of the team’s favourite examples is the 9 cubes of sugar lurking in some bottles of flavoured water, more than a can of coke!


To learn more about preventative care for children at Balsall Common Dental Practice visit their dedicated web page:


Children’s Dentistry




Pride in the Community prostate cancer screening tomorrow


The Balsall Common Lions have put out the call to all men over 50 years of age to attend their now annual Prostate cancer screenings at St Peter’s Church Hall tomorrow (Saturday 4th October 2014) from 10:00am until 1:00pm.


If you know anyone who hasn’t been screened why not encourage them to take this valuable and potentially life-saving free health check.




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