10/11/05 – Football – Balsall’s first fall

CraigyB writes,

05/11/05 – Coventry Alliance Division 3
Balsall & Berkswell (0) – (3) A Bunch of Cheating Muppets

Balsall’s visitors, whom for the purpose of this report shall be know as the “Bunch of Cheating Muppets 1st XI”, arrived with the sole intention of unsettling unbeaten Balsall’s runaway 1st XI. They did not come to play football. They came to cheat and harrass. And they did so with aplomb.
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31/10/05 – Football – Balsall’s Magnificent Spacemen

Adam Windle - like John Terry (only more tired)
Adam Windle – like John Terry (only more tired)

Ever since the launch of BalsallCom.Com in May 2004, regular approaches have been made to Balsall and Berkswell Football Club in the hope of obtaining senior match reports.


In our quest we asked the chairman, we asked committee members and we asked players. And having heard positive noises from everybody we asked some of these people again … and again … and again. Eventually it dawned on us that all we were getting for our efforts were big words and empty promises. In 18 months the useless bunch of wasters promised the world and delivered nothing.


Anyway the lengthy silence led us to suspect the worst. Either this team was so bad they couldn’t draw breath … or their storytelling was an elaborate ruse to get away from girlfriends and wives for an afternoon, covering the fact the team didn’t exist at all.

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