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BalsallCom.Com – the community website serving Balsall Common is nine years old today and we’re now recruiting. We’d love to hear from anybody interested in helping us in our mission to serve the community.


BalsallCom.Com is a spare-time project which means there’s occasions when we struggle to publish all the information we’d love to share.


We hate letting people down so we’re on the lookout for more community-minded souls to join us. We’d love to hear from anybody who can help us gather, write or edit stories, or work behind the scenes with general administration to free up our time to publish more stuff.


For anybody interested in finding out more drop us an email to – with the subject heading’BalsallCom.Com recruitment’. To find out more about us and what we do check out these links:


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Craig Burgess and Neil Cooke




Berkswell Windmill Radio goes from strength to strength

Berkswell Windmill Radio (BWR) – the online radio station which started out with a ‘one-off’ tribute show following the passing of 86 year old windmill tour guide Stan Watkins – is in the midst of a giant leap in popularity. The community station is run by 14 year old Heart of England pupil Liam Sawyer.


Stan Watkins – the inspiration for the station – was a Berkswell Windmill tour guide and one of a handful of passionate founders of the Friends of Berkswell Windmill group who lovingly set about restoring the windmill.


Liam had no idea when he ran his ‘one-off’ broadcast what he’d started but by October 2012 his broadcasts were attracting around 200 regular listeners. Since then the listener graph has shot up as word has continued to spread with Liam’s shows now regularly clocking in excess of 800 listeners per show.


Thanks to his willingness to engage with his audiences, his shows are musically eclectic, fulfilling a range of requests from golden oldies to latest hits. On Friday Liam even played a ‘house-mix’ submitted by one of his listeners. Shows also include quizzes, broadcast-themes and local community news making the station a great addition to community life.


There is a show this evening from 7pm for anyone who wants to listen in. To tune into the show online (the only way to do it) go here at 7pm this evening:


You can also get involved with BWR on Facebook here:




Berkswell Windmill Radio approaches first anniversary

For anybody who doesn’t know there’s a wonderful community online radio project operating out of Berkswell Windmill, offering a neat mix of local news, musical requests and a short time ago, a house-mix submitted by one of their listeners.


After starting out as a one-off show, it became a minor hit right from the outset and has grown in strength ever since. The station – which broadcasts at set times in the week – now enjoys a loyal and growing following.


They’re busy on air as this article goes to press and you can find their show online here:


Berkswell Windmill Radio will be celebrating their first anniversary during their broadcast on Friday 10th May 2013!


You can also follow them on Facebook here:


You can also email Berkswell Windmill Radio (BWR) with advanced news, music requests and general queries via



Plea: the search for Rocky the Cat


We’ve agreed to join the search for Rocky the Cat by publishing this plea for help from a local resident (PC users click image to enlarge):


Rocky is Julie’s very friendly all-white cat and she’s asking for help in tracking him down in the hope he’s found a local garage, shed or home to stay in. He’s not been to his home on Barston Lane since 30th January, having previously been a moggy who came home every day.


Anybody with any information is asked to call Julie on 07830 009025.


Please share this article with fellow cat lovers and helpful neighbours.



Who’s behind the Balsall Common and Berkswell website?

BalsallCom.Com – a website brought you by Craig and Neil


BalsallCom.Com is a spare-time project that we do our best to find time for, in-between our many competing interests such as archery, clay-pigeon shooting and undercover giraffe-hunting on the plains of Africa.


When we’re not utterly consumed by our amazing hobbies, we live in Balsall Common, the seemingly tranquil hideaway between Coventry and Birmingham. And the aim of this BalsallCom.Com thing is to deliver more than just a website, it’s to build a community too, which is why we invite folk to comment on articles and link up with us on Facebook and Twitter.


Our mission (if you’ll excuse the over-statement), is to share stuff we find out and general conversations about what’s occurring in and around Balsall Common. We don’t always do this on time, or as well as we’d like and we sometimes miss stuff completely. Not on purpose, we would never to that on purpose. Anyway we always welcome feedback, including about stuff you don’t like. We hate silence and feedback of any kind (good or bad) is great news because it tells us we’re reaching people and more importantly, to keep working at what we’re doing.


Help us make this site better! Email your views to: admin @ <== note: email address deliberately broken up to foil evil 3rd party auto-bots.   Thanks for dropping by.  

Join us on Facebook and Twitter:


Twitter: @balsallcom


Craig Burgess

Craig Burgess


Craig has lived in Balsall Common since 1985 (more or less).  He writes many of BalsallCom.Com’s news, features and stories and runs an editorial eye over much of the of the rest. Craig’s spare time is devoted to things like reading, cricket, listening to music and eating chillies.  He also thinks more should be done to help beavers.


“I don’t know any beavers personally but they do need help. If you have any spare time on your hands get yourself outdoors and build some dams”.


Craig is also happy for folk to find him to chat and stuff on Facebook, but please be sure to mention this website as your reason to be friends:



Twitter: @craigyburgess




Neil C




Neil has lived in Balsall Common since 2001. He writes and edits articles, develops/maintains the technical side of things, and assumes responsibility for the overall concept, including the subtle headlight effect on the image below:



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