Stunning views of Chattaways ruins to remain in Balsall Common?

The incredible views in the centre of Balsall Common where Chattaways and other commercial premises were demolished to make way for a Sainsburys could remain a tourist attraction for some time to come.


The developers responsible for the project were placed into receivership by their bankers after getting caught up in a spiral of rising costs.   The bank is currently working through the process of finding a buyer for the land, bids for which were due in by 20th February.
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Balsall Common residents association newsletter

David Felthouse

BalsallCom.Com have made the latest version of the residents association newsletter “The communicator” available online. Click this link to view it online.

David Felthouse does a stirling job in assembling this valuable community resource that many of us receive by email. Some highlights in this month’s edition:

  • How to register for the NHS dentist at the new Riddings Hill Health centre,
  • Crime in the Village: Antisocial youth on station road, suspected alcohol and drug misuse and burglary.
  • Expansion of area: Riddings Hill social housing and Kenilworth Road garden grabbing.


Police share Balsall Common crime statistics with residents

Balsall Common crime statistics for October were reported to the Residents Association meeting earlier in November as follows:

• 8 burglaries of dwellings: Station Road, Ashley Way, Balsall Street (daytime), Temple Avenue, Frog Lane (daytime), Greenfield Ave (daytime), Meeting House Lane (daytime), Kenilworth Road (daytime).

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Balsall Common Police Shop to move out of town?

Balsall Common’s Police Shop in the main shopping area on Station Road may be put up for relocation as West Midlands Police Authority consider cost cutting options to meet their ever decreasing operating budget.

The spending review could see the shop uprooted and relocated to the Police occupied premises on Holly Lane, removing a central presence and putting a question mark over what to do with Parish Council funded CCTV equipment on the premises which has been instrumental in solving crimes in the village.

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