Balsall Common’s search for a new star

Balsall's Got the Voice 2015Saturday 31st May 2015:

As if there wasn’t enough talent in the area already, Balsall Common Festival organisers are on the lookout for more with the launch of the 2015 edition of Balsall’s Got the Voice.

With the recent success of Karl Loxley (BBC Voice UK), Paris Georgia (with her recent No.2 in the iTunes download charts) and Berkswell Cricket Club’s The Neales (Britain’s Got Talent Finalists tomorrow), there really isn’t a better time for local talent to draw inspiration to enter a talent contest.

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Balsall’s Got the Voice – 2015 competition launch!


Balsall Common Festival organisers are gearing up for the start of this year’s Balsall’s Got the Voice, with a sequence of first round qualifying heats that gets underway on Friday 17th April 2015 at The Berkswell and District Royal British Legion.


Organisers were keen to capitalise on the success of last year’s inaugural competition which unearthed an array of talent, a contingent of which have already advanced significantly since September’s Finals. Balsall Common Festival Chairman Craig Burgess picks up the story:

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Balsall Common Festival Weekender 2015

Balsall Common Festival funds local causes
Balsall Common Festival

Balsall Common Festival organisers are taking the event up another notch in 2015, with plans for a full weekend event in September with more entertainment, music and activities than ever before.


Whilst precise dates are yet to be confirmed – the third weekend in September has been pencilled in (Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th September 2015) – with plans afoot for a ‘Fun Run Sunday’ that allows all areas of the Festival to grow.


“This year’s ‘Big Idea’ is to turn our Festival into a “Holiday at Home” for families, by holding the event across an entire weekend, with the Fun Run moving to a Sunday.” says Festival Chairman Craig Burgess.


“Following last year’s success we’re looking to expand the Fun Run and ‘Balsall’s Got the Voice’ competitions, with the ‘Voice’ qualifiers commencing earlier, maybe as early as late March to mid-April.”


“Last year’s Festival attracted 4000 visitors across two sites, with nearly 500 Fun Runners for the senior runs, so the new plans allow more people to be involved with both parts of the event, and paves the way for further growth.”


All of which means recruiting more volunteers for 2015, as Craig explains:

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Balsall Common Festival helps local causes

Balsall Common Festival
Carl Stokes (John Shepherd Select and Select Lettings) – backed the Festival as Main Sponsor [image courtesy of Bill Fine]
The local community came together in unprecedented fashion on Saturday 20th September for the Balsall Common Festival, with approximately 4000 enjoying the party atmosphere across two sites during the day.


Residents took to the streets from around midday to witness around 475 runners, including former British Rugby Lion Tim Stimpson, participating in Balsall Common’s inaugural Fun Run. The crowds then flocked to The Lant for the fete, market and Party in the Park, complete with children’s activities and wide range of music and entertainment.
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