Stress busting hypnotherapist offers free sessions in Balsall Common


A better life could beckon for a lucky few at Balsall Common Pharmacy on Saturday 8th March as hypnotherapist Adam Cowming of Beautiful Life Hypnotherapy delivers a series of free taster sessions, available via in-store application.


“These free 20 minute taster sessions are open to anyone with questions about hypnosis,” explains Adam, “there’s a lot of myths surrounding hypnosis so this offers an opportunity to come in and ask questions and for those who are comfortable with the idea, enjoy 10 minutes of hypnosis at the end.”


Adam has a wide repertoire of skills but most regularly helps clients with:

  • Weight loss
  • Confidence
  • Anxiety, panic and stress
  • Depression and low moods
  • Fears and phobias

    According to Adam there is an anxiety and stress related epidemic in the UK at the moment, a view supported by colleagues in the industry, with related issues such as insomnia coming high on the list of areas in which they deal.


    “About 70% of my business is anxiety or stress-related at the moment and has been for sometime” says Adam.


    These sessions would be ideal for anyone who’s not sure about giving hypnosis a go. Typically the sessions involve 10 minutes question and answers, with a 10 minutes hypnosis sampler session at the end. There is no obligation to try hypnosis on the day, or to enter into any further arrangements.


    These free taster sessions will run from 12 until 4pm on Saturday 8th March. To claim your free session, all you need to do is drop by Balsall Common Pharmacy and book your 20 minute appointment. So get your name down while you still can.




    Balsall Common store owners working with community to save lives

    Pictured [left to right]: Alice Hawkins (Fast Aid); Andy Jeynes (West MIds Ambulance); Kishore Sharma (BC Pharmacy); Dave Felthouse (Residents Assoc & Bugle Magazine); Helen Magee (BC Pharmacy); Jeff Way (Fast Aid)
    Balsall Common Pharmacy delivered yet again on its’ promise to involve itself in local community, health and education by agreeing to house a life-saving defibrillator unit for use by local emergency first-responders.   And now that it’s in place the Balsall Common Residents Association is working with volunteer services to provide and promote training in the community on how to use the equipment.


    There is approximately 150,000 deaths in the UK from cardiac arrest in the UK and survival can be heavily dictated by the speed at which initial treatment is delivered to victims, all of which makes Balsall Common a higher-risk area, sitting as it does, on the cusp of the areas covered by local emergency services. Jeffrey Way, an Area Co-ordinator for emergency first responder scheme Fast Aid picks up the explanation:


    “Balsall Common is right on the edge of the areas covered by Solihull and Coventry Ambulance Stations and because of this it can take a long time for an Ambulance to arrive at an emergency. The problem is that figures suggest irreversible brain damage usually occurs within 4 minutes of an untreated attack, followed by death within 6-8 minutes.”


    All of which makes the presence of volunteer first responders and life-saving equipment vital to the cause of reducing emergency response times.


    The cabinet installed at Balsall Common Pharmacy contains a Cardiac Science G4 Automated External Defribilator (AED), a machine that is easy to use when applied in conjunction with life-saving CPR on a patient caught in the grip of cardiac arrest. The cabinet is registered with the local ambulance service and to deploy the equipment the volunteer responder need to request a lock code from Ambulance Control when registering their 999 emergency call, whom will then also guide them through the CPR process.


    One of the greatest features of the Public Access Defibrilator is that it can be operated by untrained members of the public. The kit has been specifically designed to walk the user through what to do with someone suffering cardiac arrest, in conjunction with the Ambulance Dispatcher talking them through the process on the phone. However training is always invaluable and as part of the introduction of this life-saving apparatus to the village Fast Aid is providing free training in Basic Life Support (BLS) including CPR and the use of a defibrillator (AED). Training sessions are taking place at Balsall Common Village Hall on Wednesday 3rd July and Friday 12th July, at 7:30pm and all residents are invited to indicate an interest in attending by emailing or by calling Keith Tindall on 01676 534488. Advanced notice is not essential, it is possible to turn up unannounced, although organisers would prefer an idea of numbers beforehand.




    Swains to play midsummer bash in Meriden

    Berkswell Rugby Club is relocating to Meriden for its’ annual midsummer celebrations with a big event in Meriden on Saturday 22nd June 2013, where popular Coventry band the Swains are the main act. The event is open to the entire community and tickets are on general sale for £10 each at Balsall Common Pharmacy on Station Road, Balsall Common.


    Event summary


    Date: Saturday 22nd June 2013
    Venue: Dairy Farm, Great Packington, Meriden
    Music: DJ Pete Homer followed by The Swains
    Starts: 7:30pm
    Tickets: £10 each
    Outlet: Balsall Common Pharmacy, Station Road, Balsall Common (open 7 days/100 hours per week)

    Balsall Common Pharmacy Station Road Balsall Common
    Balsall Common Pharmacy Station Road Balsall Common




    Balsall Common store offers convenient walk-in flu vaccination service

    Balsall Common Pharmacy has just reduced fees on their incredibly convenient flu vaccination service they introduced in October to just £8.99. Anyone wishing to protect themselves against this winter’s nasty bugs is encouraged to simply turn up in-store and ask for the service, it’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t qualify for free vaccinations from their local surgery.

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    Final role call for the Balsall Common Halloween Spooktacular!

    Happy Halloween to all our readers! There’s a full-on Spooktacular charity fancy-dress bonfire and fireworks party on Meeting House Lane this evening, with lots of child-friendly activities to keep those little monsters happy. Advanced tickets can still be obtained from Balsall Common Pharmacy on Station Road throughout the day.


    The timetable for this evening’s event is as follows:

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