01/06/04 – The Village Hall Charity Auction – 11 Days to go

darkness writes “There are now just 11 days remaining to get your ticket for the Village Hall Charity Auction dont miss out!

There are currently 108 lots up for auction ranging from matchday tickets to days out with Landrover Solihull.

A good turn out is expected so to avoid dissappointment please do not turn up on the night of the Auction as numbers are limited. Angela Jaynes Florist still has a number of tickets remaining so be sure to get yours beforehand.

Anyone who cannot attend the Auction can still put in a sealed bid. For more information on this ring Jackie on 01676-533315.

To see the full list of lots for Auction or any other information see the Features section.”

30/05/04 – Balsall Com.Com – 1 month old today!

darkness writes “Its official BalsallCom.Com is now 1 (month old that is). We currently have 46 registered users, thank you to all those who have taken the time to register with us. If you havent registered yet, do so now and join in the fun.

Since going live on 30 April 2004 BalsallCom.Com has been very popular having snared 46 registered users and loads of hits, a number of articles have recieved over 600 reads each!

Having a garage sale? Lost your cat? Need someone to work for you? If you are a registered user you can let the locals know.