12/06/10 – Local Election Results Results

neil writes “3 Conservative councillors elected to serve Meriden Ward. For results click “read more”

Kenneth Lynty Allsop Conservative Party 2087 X
David Stewart Bell Conservative Party 2182 X
Mark Robert Johnson Liberal Democrat 888
Peter Martin Lea Conservative Party 2489 X
Jonathan Torquil Maltman Labour Party 581
Hugh McCredie Liberal Democrat 742
Peter Whitlock Liberal Democrat 759

08/06/04 – 2 vacancies for parish councillors

darkness writes “Balsall Parish Council has vacancies for 2 parish councillors.

If you would like to serve your community and live either within the parish council boundaries or within a 3 mile radius, and you are aged 21 or over, please write to the Clerk explaining what you feel you could offer your community and give some information about your background. For further details please read more…..

Balsall Parish Council’s boundaries cover most of Balsall Common, Fen End, Meer End, Temple Balsall and Chadwick End. The Council controls 3 recreation grounds, namely Willow Park in Needlers End Lane, Oakley Play Area and Chadwick End Play Area. It runs a small rural cemetery in Temple Balsall and also owns the village hall in Chadwick End.

Councillors meet formally about 10 times a year at publicly held council meetings and those that serve on the Planning Committee meet publicly about every 2 weeks to discuss new planning applications in the area. Less formal meetings , when the Public is not invited to attend, are held as and when required.

It is your chance to really make a difference at a very local level!

There is no set date by which you must apply, but once suitable candidates apply and are accepted, the positions will no longer be available.

Applications to:
Mrs Lesley Dury
Balsall Parish Council
19 Malvern Road,
Balsall Common,
CV7 7DU.
Tel. 01676 533983 Mondays and Wednesdays”