Berkswell Museum

Berkswell museum is situated in a 16th Century Cottage, behind the Almshouses in Berkswell’s village centre and opened its’ doors to visitors for the first time in 1981.


A visit will reveal four rooms housing exhibits relating to the Parish of Berkswell including memorabilia, farm implements, tools, household items, Church and Parish documents. The collection features famous residents of the past such as Maud Watson (the first Ladies Singles Champion at Wimbledon), former England cricket captain R.E.S. (Bob) Wyatt and Jeremy Brett, an actor best known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes.


The Museum is open on Sunday afternoons and Monday Bank Holidays, 2pm to 5pm from May until the first weekend in October. The museum also opens at Easter. For further information phone 01676 522077 or  email The_Archivist   @  berkswell-history . org (remove spaces)


For more details, the Berkswell & District History Group host a page at


  1. Hello. I am hoping to organise a visit to Berkswell for Solihull Discovery Walks on the morning of 17 April 2013. We would very much like to visit your museum but understand that you are not usually open in the mornings or until May! Might it be possible to find a way round this??!! There are usually 30 -40 people on our walks but we could easily divide into groups and one group look at the museum whilst the other goes for a walk for an hour or so and then swap over. I appreciate that a fee might be involved.
    I would appreciate your thoughts and comments on this proposal