Community Cinema comes to The Jubilee

The team at The Jubilee community space is piloting a community cinema idea which they hope will become a regular feature in the local calendar.

Their debut film for the project is Churchill starring Brian Cox.

Tickets are already on sale at Balsall Common Pharmacy, which is open an impressive 100 hours per week.

Date: 21st April 2018
Price: £6 (includes a glass of wine or soft drink)
Time: 7 pm
Venue: The Jubilee, 225 Station Road (to the rear of Costa), Balsall Common, CV7 7FE

For movie info at IMDB visit:

Music: Friday Night House-quake at Balsall Radio

House music arrived on a weekly basis at Balsall Radio on Friday 16th March 2018 to considerable acclaim as the versatile Adam James launched his new live show.

Adam’s debut show  – which runs every Friday from 8 pm –  pulled in listeners from all over the West Midlands and wider-world with shout-outs to listeners from as far afield as Toronto and Holland.

The show aims to showcase various styles, including deep, soulful and funky house and become a regular port-of-call for house music listeners old and new:

“I want to create a community among our listeners,” explains Adam of his ambitions for the show.

“And for it to become a weekly event that people don’t want to miss.”

To join in with Adam’s Moving House Show and get your weekend off to a flying start email your shout-outs and dedications to

The Adam James Moving House Radio Show

Email your shouts to:

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Inspirational Mikey Akers scoops Pride of Birmingham Award

Balsall Common teenager Mikey Akers earned the Pride of Birmingham’s Stephen Sutton Award in recognition of the inspiring work he does raising awareness for verbal dyspraxia, a little known neurological speech disorder, with which he was diagnosed when he was 2-years-old.

The neurological condition and the challenges it presents are wide-ranging. In Mikey’s case, this was a condition which left an otherwise intelligent boy feeling isolated at school due to the immense difficulty the condition caused learning to verbalise his thoughts.

The catalyst for Mikey becoming an inspiration to others dates back to the time he penned a poem, ‘I Am the Boy’, which underlined to his family how he really felt about his condition. It became the inspiration for Mikey’s Wish, a charitable project that raises awareness for the condition and funds for related causes:

I Am the Boy – by Mikey Akers

I am the boy who has so much to say
I am the boy who says it my way
Not always proper, not always right
With my brain I must put up a fight
The words don’t come easy, they hide away
When I find them some sounds go astray
It’s not ‘cos I’m stupid, it’s ‘cos I am me
I am the boy with Verbal Dyspraxia, you see
I have one desire, I have one wish
And that is that there was more awareness of this!

Learn more about Mikey’s story and his Stephen Sutton Inspiration Award at the Birmingham Mail:

Inspirational teenager Mikey Akers named Pride of Birmingham winner

Nimby Councils could lose planning Powers as new Balsall Town plans loom

The spectre of a new town-sized development “around Balsall Common” looms as Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council considers the content of the Greater Birmingham Strategic Housing survey final report.

The report highlights the settlement as one of four potential locations for major housing development to tackle the national housing crisis and now also sits against the backdrop of National Government’s aggressive new plans to solve the housing crisis.

Housing Secretary Sajid Javid has spoken belligerently about local Planning Authorities failing to keep up with demand:

“At the moment there is nothing in the system that checks to see they are actually delivering. There’s no comeback or sanction and that is going to change.”

Javid told The Guardian newspaper:

“We have a housing crisis in this country. We need a housing revolution. The new rules will no longer allow ‘nimby’ councils that don’t really want to build the homes that their local community needs to fudge the numbers.”

Heat Map Showing New Town Development ‘Around Balsall Common’

Greater Birmingham Strategic Housing survey final report

Solihull Council is currently considering a report which highlights Balsall Common as one of four favoured locations for major development in the Greater Birmingham region.  It states:

“This area is free from nationally significant constraints.”

It’s a description which suggests there is a strong chance of major development.  With National Government’s aggressive new stance on housing policy this will undoubtedly pile pressure on Solihull Council in terms of accommodating the proposals.

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In a report which mentions Balsall Common more than 20 times, here are a selection of notes from the Greater Birmingham Strategic Growth Study:

References to Balsall Common:
p34 Areas of Search
p36 Balsall Common recommended for further research
p37 Map showing settlement proposal ‘Around Balsall Common’
p179-180 Section on settlement patterns refers to Balsall Common as does the section on Green Belt Role
p194 Development gap between Birmingham and Coventry is referenced in terms of being narrowed should development occur in Balsall Common: “The potential scale and orientation of development in this location would need careful consideration given the route of the West Coast Mainline and HS2 which, from Balsall Common, will run broadly parallel to the A452.”
“This area is free from nationally significant constraints. There are small portions of Ancient Woodland and areas covered by Flood Zone 3 further afield however it is considered these could be mitigated, given the strategic nature of a new settlement. The presence of the railway corridor running north east-south west from the conurbation and a railway station at Balsall Common supports the potential for residential as well as employment development around this area.”
p202: Green Belt reference relating to Balsall Common
p206: Balsall Common referenced under Areas of Search
p210: Balsall Common referenced under areas capable of meeting unmet [housing] needs
p211: Balsall Common referenced as one of 5 locations capable of meeting a significant proportion of unmet housing needs
p213: Balsall Common referenced as one of 10 Areas of Search for New Settlements/Towns.  Balsall Common referred to as favourable in terms of economic/transport-related factors.
p220-221: Balsall Common referenced under Public Transport – Results
p227: Balsall Common referenced under Areas of Search- Public Utilities
p236: Balsall Common referenced in relation to housing prices
p249: Balsall Common referenced under section on New Settlements


Development proposals threaten Berkswell Windmill’s future

Campaigners against proposals to develop land opposite Berkswell Windmill say it could threaten its’ future as a working mill:

“Dense building in the vicinity of the Mill will interfere with the wind flow and the sails will not turn.” explained Jeanette on behalf of campaigners.

“Further, the Mill is a local, regional and national heritage asset and should not be surrounded by dense housing. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) would be contravened as such building would cause harm to a heritage asset.”

Solihull Council’s Consultation on development on Brownfield Sites concludes on Wednesday 14th February 2018 and campaigners are hopeful that residents will air their views.

In an appeal to local residents a spokesperson for the campaign says:

“Please help to save the Berkswell Windmill and stop 230 flats and houses being built in the fields opposite the Mill.”

Campaigners have compiled a list of their suggested answers to specific questions on the survey which they feel could help protect the future of the Mill as follows:

Q1 – No. Object to inclusion of BLR/018
Q2 – Yes. BLR/018 does not comply with the Town and Country Planning Regulations 2017 (Brownfield Land Register) in terms of “Suitability”. Regulation 4 requires that regard be given to “any adverse impact on the local built environment, including in particular on heritage assets”.
The grade 2* Berkswell Windmill, directly opposite Windmill House, has not been considered by SMBC in making this assessment. Development of this PDL site will cause harm to the setting, and indeed operation of this unique designated heritage asset, acknowledged by SMBC officers as “the best tower mill in the West Midlands”. This contravenes NPPF para. 132
Q3 – No
Q4 – No

They say they would be grateful to any residents that would be complete the Council’s Survey by clicking the following link:

Follow the Berkswell Windmill campaign online: