Changing of the Guard at The Railway Inn

The Railway Inn drew a large daytime crowd on Sunday 29 October, many of whom celebrated into the evening at an event which marked Roger and Heather Parker’s decision to take a back seat in the business, as well as Roger’s birthday.

Railway Inn handover commemorative cake
Epic commemorative cake for the birthday/handover

The Birthday and Handover party saw new Railway Inn front-man Harry Parker host his Dad’s birthday with a full day’s celebration that featured live music from the youthful Soul Matters, playing front-of-house in the day, followed by duo Drew and Jez indoors in the evening:

“It was amazing, it couldn’t have gone anymore to plan and the turnout was way more than we imagined,” said a delighted Harry Parker.

Soul Matters

“On the entertainments side of things, I really want to thank Soul Matters who played out front during the day, duo Drew and Jez who played from 5-7 pm and definitely Mark the DJ.  He did the party the night before and then did 2 pm until late on Sunday. He really put in some long hours over the weekend, fair play to him.”

Busy Party afternoon in progress at The Railway Inn

Then there was the impressive complimentary catering, complete with a very artistic cake for which Harry was also grateful:

“I want to thank everyone that was involved in the catering, my sister and her boyfriend Simon, plus his Mum who made our fantastic cake.”

Lastly, before talking about future plans for the venue, Harry wanted to thank the staff that had to cope with the huge turnout:

“I’d like to thank our amazing staff for all their hard work all day and all night, Nicole and Ashleigh in the daytime, then Jordan and Becky on the night.”

New Broom New Menu New Plans

The once popular lunchtime menu has been restored:

“The lunchtime menu is now in full swing, Mondays to Saturdays from noon to 3pm” says Harry.

“And looking ahead we’ll be aiming to provide more entertainment. We’re also thinking about putting together some new promotions for the live footie so keep an eye out for announcements on our Facebook page!”

Find and Follow The Railway Inn Online

To see announcements for future events and promotions find and follow The Railway Inn Facebook page.



Suspicious activity prompts warning to residents

A resident on Balsall Street East has reported consistent and repeated suspicious behaviour at their home by what appears to be the same man posing as a delivery driver over three consecutive days this week (Monday to Wednesday).

The unidentified man arrives from the roadside on foot

The man has been captured on CCTV visiting the same mailbox between the hours of 11:30am and 1:30pm on at least three occasions, before appearing to sift through the post, also leaving a spurious out-of-date leaflet from Lewisham Council on two of those visits.

Two copies of this irrelevant leaflet were posted on separate occasions

Subsequent to visits by this man, a further visit was made by an unidentified female, at 4pm on Wednesday afternoon (01 November).  It is thought this woman may be associated with the man, given that he left the premises having realised he’s been spotted from the kitchen window.

The incident has been reported to Police and residents are advised to secure their postboxes and mailing points where possible.

The man is thought to have a female accomplice, seen wearing a yellow ‘hi-vis’ jacket at 4pm on Wednesday 01 November.

Residents are reminded to remain vigilant as the frequency of suspicious and criminal activities in the area continues to occur at unprecedented rates.

Sunday Funday celebrations at The Railway Inn

The Railway Inn’s Harry Parker is inviting members of the community to celebrate a special occasion at the venue featuring live music and entertainment all day on Sunday 29 October 2017. The ‘Birthday and Handover Party’ is set to celebrate Harry taking control of operations at the pub as well as his Dad’s birthday.

With Roger and Heather Parker deciding to take a back seat in the business Harry is looking forward to celebrating his new challenge with a big party. The celebrations will also represent a nod to 50 years of the Parker family running local pubs:

“My Grandad used to run the ‘Brickies’ and so did my Dad,” says Harry.

“Then there’s my Grandma who used to run the Saracens Head and they’ve all run various pubs around the West Midlands.”

There’s plenty to enjoy at Sunday’s event:

“We’ve got a good day lined up” explains Harry.

“We’ve got the football showing early on, then the Party starts at 2 O’Clock. At 3 pm we’ve got Soul Matters who will be playing out the front. We’ve also got a really good duo playing from 5 until 7 pm. Then there’s Mark the DJ who will be filling the gaps and then he’ll take us through to the finish.”

Soul Matters features some fine young singers and musicians from the West Midlands and will be well worth a look.

The Roger Parker Birthday and Handover Party Details

Venue: The Railway Inn, Station Road, next to Berkswell Railway Station.

Event Schedule

12:00pm – Blues vs Villa live on the Big Screen
2:00pm – Party Starts
3:00pm – Soul Matters
5:00pm – Live duo: Drew ‘n’ Jez
7:00pm – Mark DJ playing until Close

There will be a complimentary buffet.

Photo Update

Soul Matters performing front of house at The Railway Inn
Busy Party afternoon in progress at The Railway Inn

Balsall Common Comedy Club Christmas Special

Award Winning comedian Harvey Hawkins has announced details of his Christmas Special comedy night on Friday 08 December at the Berkswell & District Royal British Legion, as part of his increasingly reputable Balsall Common Comedy Club project. Following the success of September’s event which many regulars described as the best one to date, tickets are sure to sell out fast.

Balsall Common Comedy Club Christmas Special

Tickets are £10, although there is an early-bird discount available during the first week’s sales, which will bring the tickets down to £8. The discount code if you’re quick is: “EARLYBIRD8”

Venue: The Berkswell & District Royal British Legion, Station Road, Balsall Common CV7 7EF
Date: Friday 08 December 2017
Time: 8:00pm
Tickets: £10 from Angela Jaynes Florist on Station Road, or online via:

Discover more about Balsall Common’s Harvey Hawkins

Balsall Common Comedy Club Facebook page

New dance classes for youngsters in Balsall Common

Balsall Common’s Kirsty Cannon is set to launch new dance classes for 4 to 12-year-olds at The Jubilee community space on Friday 27 October 2017.

Kirsty credits her personal love of dance, at least in part, to the interest in fitness that she developed when she was younger:

Kirsty Cannon

“I got the fitness bug through a friend, but then one day I saw a dance class through the window and I thought I’d like to give it a try.  Now dance is my passion and that’s what I really want to do now.”

Kirsty is still into her fitness training and sports as well and is currently also training to be a trampoline instructor, despite a nasty accident when she was younger:

“I fell off the trampoline when I was 8 years old and broke my arm.”


Dance Classes at The Jubilee Community Space

Kirsty admits to being surprised at finding a home for her classes at The Jubilee building behind the HSBC Bank on Station Road:

“I had been searching the village for some time and I really wanted the right surroundings.  I wanted somewhere I felt comfortable and the vibe you get from a place is really important.   If I don’t feel right then I won’t be able to give my best, so the venue selection was really important.  I saw something on Facebook about The Jubilee.  I didn’t even realise you could rent out the room, I thought it was just for coffee mornings or something.  I thought I’ll go and check it out but I wasn’t really expecting to end up using the venue.  But it is fab!  I fell in love with it straight away and I’m really happy to be doing my classes there.”

Kirsty is also pleased with demand for her sessions in the relatively short time since booking The Jubilee for her classes:

“I’m amazed how many bookings I have already had in such a short space of time, thanks to the Balsall Common Facebook page and the help from parents that I attend fitness training with.  They have really helped get the word out by tagging and sharing with other parents online and talking to other parents.”

Kirsty sees her new dance classes as a stepping stone to the future:

“My goal is to run a dance school of my own where I teach children aged 4 to 12 focusing on technique trying to teach from a young age.  It’s not just about dance though.  When I was younger I was not a confident child, at all, so it’s also about expressing emotions and getting it all out.  If I’ve had a bad day I can find dance gives me a way of getting it all out.  I also think there is a need for children to develop social skills so I want my group to be friendly and supportive to really help with that.”

Dance Class information

Venue: The Jubilee community space to the rear of HSBC bank Station Road Balsall Common CV7 7FE
First session: 4:30 pm until 5:30 pm Friday 27 October 2017
Cost: £5 per session
Bookings: contact Kirsty to book in advance (preferred although she does say she can probably accept walk-ins on the day of the first session)
Phone: 07718 126323
You can also search for Kirsty Cannon on Facebook and message her with queries there.

The Jubilee Community Space for Hire

The Jubilee Community space has been refurbished under new management and is available for hire by local community groups.

To discover more visit The Jubilee Facebook page
or visit their dedicated Jubilee page at HallsHire.Com