Amy Price Dance Fitness

“Get fit, have fun!”

That’s the message from Amy Price, where the emphasis is on fun, dance based aerobic style workouts at two venues in Balsall Common.

The Jubilee – Balsall Common

Mondays and Tuesdays

Free parking

227 Station Road (behind Costa Coffee)
Balsall Common

St Peter’s Hall

St Peter’s Hall
Holly Lane
Balsall Common

Free parking

Contact Information
Mobile: 0771 881 7491


Look out for ‘Silver Steppers’ Too

Amy also runs dedicated sessions for older active adults which take place on Tuesdays at The Jubilee (as above) at 11am.

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All About Travel

Find your dream break with Balsall Common’s Amy Fox who works independently for travel agency All About Travel, a status which means access to the widest choice of suppliers, destinations & types of accommodation.

Amy at All About Travel

Amy is waiting to get get to work as your personal holiday consultant, with anything and everything from UK breaks to exotic destinations, with examples ranging from Lapland day trips to round-the-world cruises.

Amy will work with you from start to finish, which means no overseas call centres, no 0845 numbers just Amy, a landline number and access to a Travel expert with a  passion.

Tel: 01676 471180

General Information

ABTA membership and covered by ATOL.

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Makeup by SPR

The highly rated Stacey Paxton-Rhodes is a specialist in the provision of makeup and complimentary services for special occasions such as weddings. She founded her business Makeup by SPR in 2014 and has consistently picked up 5-star reviews from happy brides and other customers ever since.

T: 07977 239 750

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Stacey Paxton-Rhodes

Going, going, gone!

Super slimmer and local resident Noreen Burgess has been disappearing before our eyes over the last year.  Determined to successfully lose weight and become a healthy role model for her children, Erin and Jake, pupils at Balsall Common Primary School, Noreen has gone from a size 24 to a size 12.  

She’s now lost five and a half stone (more than the combined weight of Erin and Jake) and has more energy than ever before. Many dieting attempts and even running the London Marathon didn’t work but following a friend’s suggestion this time last year, Noreen attended her first slimming world class.

Noreen before and after
Noreen before and after

Amazed by the simplicity of the eating plan and the lack of ‘banned’ foods Noreen lost a stone in the first month of being a member. 

She explains: “I was overweight as a child and don’t remember a period in my life when I wasn’t on a diet. Healthy food and exercise soon became buzz words for boring and punishing.”

“When our daughter Erin was born in 2005 I really felt quite heavy and uncomfortable. I wanted to be the mum who ran around the park with her kids, without having to worry about everyone staring at me. But four years later when Jake came along I was as heavy as ever.”

“Training for the marathon allowed me to eat what I wanted leading up to the run but I never lost any weight. My diet was so unhealthy that all the effort I was putting in with my training runs would be completely outdone by the high fat, high sugar processed food I was eating day in, day out.”

“In the first month of joining Slimming World I went on a theatre trip to London, celebrated my daughter’s communion, spent five days in a muddy Glastonbury field and still managed to lose over a stone.”

“The plan was working because it gave me the freedom to make healthier choices without feeling deprived.”

Noreen is now keen to share her success with others and has become a Slimming World consultant. She’ll be holding meetings every Monday from 15 June at the Jubliee Centre, behind Tesco’s on Station Road.  Anyone is welcome to turn up on a Monday evening, or for more information on Noreen’s group, contact her via Facebook or ring 07467 039767.

Colour Mirrors with Amanda J Miller

Colour Mirrors is now in Balsall Common.

Did you know that each colour choice you make is a mirror? Your personal colour choice will shine back to you the potential you hold, reminding you of your talents, gifts, personal power and the truth of the light that you are. At the same time your choices will reflect specific patterns of behaviour that could be sub-consciously sabotaging love, health, happiness and abundance in your life. Continue reading “Colour Mirrors with Amanda J Miller”