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  1. Now offering Pet care services for Balsall Common. From Home boarding for cats and dogs to Dog walking and training. Visit us at our website – or find us on Facebook.
    Mogz and Dogz supports the valuable work does in keeping our community up to date and informed

  2. My husband and I are very upset about what is going on in the park behind our house in needlers end lane, Willow Park. Our neighbour has complained to the police, but nothing is done, the place is being used for drugs both selling and using, quite openly, one man is selling cannabis to children who look to me as young as 10 .Every evening and into the small hours young people are drinking and taking drugs,with screaming and shouting.If you think I am making this up then go now and have a look at the empty packets and bottles and cans,last night they set fire to one of the new childrens play equipment, more to come no doubt, I am going to send emails to parish councillors and hope this will do some good.

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    In addition to writing to local Parish Councillors you may wish to use the feedback facility for the Meriden Neighborhood Police service via the West MIdlands Police website. See our article published earlier today for details:

    It may be worth you teaming up with other residents to use this facility to see what happens.

    You may also wish to seek support from Balsall Common Village Residents Association. Email them via feedback@balsallcomm­

    This issue may also be of interest to The Bugle magazine. The editor Roger Monkman can be contacted at

    We would be interested to hear more about how you get on.

    Craig for BalsallCom.Com

  4. It seems HHAG have published their so-called Newsletter Issue 1. Any competent editor would have rejected it as being empty of facts but worth entering for the Booker prize for fiction in using scaremonger tacticts.
    They seem incapable of distinguishing their facts from fiction despite my spending hours composing and editing letters for these columns that any simple soul willing to learn would have picked up in moments. However I will try once more by taking the pamphlet page by page if only the Editor would let me. Anyway here goes
    Page 1
    HS2 will cost £1000 per household –
    HS2 Planning, Construction, operating costs are £10billion excluding cost added for appraisal purposes.
    60million population, 4 persons per household produces £650/household or £160/person/year. Wait a minute this is over 30 years i.e. £5 per year or 10p per person per week and that’s it. Building HS2 costs us £10billion but we get £20billion back to invest in schools, hospitals, local transport services, electrify the railways AND into the bargain have fast frequent reliable journeys with a 30% reduction in journey time. AND bring increased property values close to stations even to those in Berkswell and Burton Green.

    75% of the line in Solihull is at or above ground level
    HS2 has to be straight cannot avoid towns/landmarks in cuttings or tunnels – 95dB noise level NEAR track (note the word near)
    Noise will NOT be 95dB two miles from the track. HS1 has received no noise complaints in over two years HS2 with the benefits of technological advances trains will if anything be quieter
    HS2 route diagrams show From Burton Green to Coleshill over 60% of HS2 is cutting with 7% on viaduct. The line will be invisible to at least 90% of houses in Burton Green/Berkswell/Balsall Common/Hampton in Arden due to land profiles, trees and cuttings. As for Lavender Hall Lane; it has few properties and descends a rather steep woooded hill towards HS2, (in a cutting at this point) and crosses OVER HS2 on a bridge.
    The properties at Berkswell station will be most affected but the existing rail line carrying high-speed trains and freight already affects them. HS2 compensation would be a good way to escape both to a far quieter life in one of the villages.

    The line cannot be used by freight trains because it would buckle the line and derail trains
    This is absolute GARBAGE. HS2 do not want freight on the line for the very reason improvements to WCML are no substitute for HS2 THEY REDUCE THE CAPACITY OF THE LINE. AND with no heavy freight trains the line will be quieter than existing line.

    The 25m zone was a preliminary precaution that has more to do with Leaf Fall from deciduous trees and is unlikely to be applied. I understand HS2 are in fact reducing fence to fence width to 22m instead of 25.
    Agree proper compensation to those affected by the route and pay it based upon property values prior to the preferred route announcement. Pay it now but lets get on with building it we cannot wait 10 years.
    Delay costs Money and jobs.

  5. TO All Balsall Common Residents

    We have started to work along side West Midlands police and Local youth to help them with issues they have and have found they have needs to have more activity’s within our area.
    To help them with that West midlands police and the solihull partnership/Street watch have set up a boxclever program which help’s with the frustration and key ability of this is to help them steer away from drug and alcohol abuse and vent the frustration with the art of boxing.
    This program as proved to many that it can be very help-full to younger children and teen’s of all ages and no mater if your male or female you can see this program being run from today out side the Natwest bank Balsall common 6pm-8pm all parents are welcome to come along with their children to see for them selve’s or visit for more info.