Development proposals threaten Berkswell Windmill’s future

Campaigners against proposals to develop land opposite Berkswell Windmill say it could threaten its’ future as a working mill:

“Dense building in the vicinity of the Mill will interfere with the wind flow and the sails will not turn.” explained Jeanette on behalf of campaigners.

“Further, the Mill is a local, regional and national heritage asset and should not be surrounded by dense housing. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) would be contravened as such building would cause harm to a heritage asset.”

Solihull Council’s Consultation on development on Brownfield Sites concludes on Wednesday 14th February 2018 and campaigners are hopeful that residents will air their views.

In an appeal to local residents a spokesperson for the campaign says:

“Please help to save the Berkswell Windmill and stop 230 flats and houses being built in the fields opposite the Mill.”

Campaigners have compiled a list of their suggested answers to specific questions on the survey which they feel could help protect the future of the Mill as follows:

Q1 – No. Object to inclusion of BLR/018
Q2 – Yes. BLR/018 does not comply with the Town and Country Planning Regulations 2017 (Brownfield Land Register) in terms of “Suitability”. Regulation 4 requires that regard be given to “any adverse impact on the local built environment, including in particular on heritage assets”.
The grade 2* Berkswell Windmill, directly opposite Windmill House, has not been considered by SMBC in making this assessment. Development of this PDL site will cause harm to the setting, and indeed operation of this unique designated heritage asset, acknowledged by SMBC officers as “the best tower mill in the West Midlands”. This contravenes NPPF para. 132
Q3 – No
Q4 – No

They say they would be grateful to any residents that would be complete the Council’s Survey by clicking the following link:

Follow the Berkswell Windmill campaign online: