Suspicious activity prompts warning to residents

A resident on Balsall Street East has reported consistent and repeated suspicious behaviour at their home by what appears to be the same man posing as a delivery driver over three consecutive days this week (Monday to Wednesday).

The unidentified man arrives from the roadside on foot

The man has been captured on CCTV visiting the same mailbox between the hours of 11:30am and 1:30pm on at least three occasions, before appearing to sift through the post, also leaving a spurious out-of-date leaflet from Lewisham Council on two of those visits.

Two copies of this irrelevant leaflet were posted on separate occasions

Subsequent to visits by this man, a further visit was made by an unidentified female, at 4pm on Wednesday afternoon (01 November).  It is thought this woman may be associated with the man, given that he left the premises having realised he’s been spotted from the kitchen window.

The incident has been reported to Police and residents are advised to secure their postboxes and mailing points where possible.

The man is thought to have a female accomplice, seen wearing a yellow ‘hi-vis’ jacket at 4pm on Wednesday 01 November.

Residents are reminded to remain vigilant as the frequency of suspicious and criminal activities in the area continues to occur at unprecedented rates.