Changing of the Guard at The Railway Inn

The Railway Inn drew a large daytime crowd on Sunday 29 October, many of whom celebrated into the evening at an event which marked Roger and Heather Parker’s decision to take a back seat in the business, as well as Roger’s birthday.

Railway Inn handover commemorative cake
Epic commemorative cake for the birthday/handover

The Birthday and Handover party saw new Railway Inn front-man Harry Parker host his Dad’s birthday with a full day’s celebration that featured live music from the youthful Soul Matters, playing front-of-house in the day, followed by duo Drew and Jez indoors in the evening:

“It was amazing, it couldn’t have gone anymore to plan and the turnout was way more than we imagined,” said a delighted Harry Parker.

Soul Matters

“On the entertainments side of things, I really want to thank Soul Matters who played out front during the day, duo Drew and Jez who played from 5-7 pm and definitely Mark the DJ.  He did the party the night before and then did 2 pm until late on Sunday. He really put in some long hours over the weekend, fair play to him.”

Busy Party afternoon in progress at The Railway Inn

Then there was the impressive complimentary catering, complete with a very artistic cake for which Harry was also grateful:

“I want to thank everyone that was involved in the catering, my sister and her boyfriend Simon, plus his Mum who made our fantastic cake.”

Lastly, before talking about future plans for the venue, Harry wanted to thank the staff that had to cope with the huge turnout:

“I’d like to thank our amazing staff for all their hard work all day and all night, Nicole and Ashleigh in the daytime, then Jordan and Becky on the night.”

New Broom New Menu New Plans

The once popular lunchtime menu has been restored:

“The lunchtime menu is now in full swing, Mondays to Saturdays from noon to 3pm” says Harry.

“And looking ahead we’ll be aiming to provide more entertainment. We’re also thinking about putting together some new promotions for the live footie so keep an eye out for announcements on our Facebook page!”

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