HPV Epidemic Spells Cancer Threat for Boys


In this article, two local healthcare firms explain the long-term health risks presented by human papillomavirus (HPV), particularly the cancer threat to boys who are currently excluded from the National Immunisation scheme.  They also suggest potential next steps:

‘Boys Should have Same HPV Vaccination Choices as Girls under NHS’ say Healthcare Experts

Balsall Common Dental Practice have teamed up with Daleswood Health (in Barston) to warn parents about the long-term cancer risks posed by the human papillomavirus (HPV) epidemic, especially to boys currently excluded from the national immunisation scheme.

Such is their concern, the two local businesses have teamed up not only to raise awareness, but also to offer free HPV vaccination consultations (at Daleswood Health) and free mouth cancer screenings (at Balsall Common Dental Practice).

HPV is widely known as the leading cause of cervical cancer in the UK, but is less well-known as one of the leading causes of mouth cancer.

Both private practices have joined a national campaign to persuade the Government to expand the vaccination scheme to include boys:

“If left unchecked 80% of people will catch the virus in their lifetime,” explains Dr Ashley Davenport, Principal Dental surgeon at Balsall Common Dental Practice:

Dr Ashley Davenport (Principal Surgeon at Balsall Common Dental Practice)

“The virus damages DNA and increases the lifetime risk of developing a range of cancers.  1 in 20 of all cancers in the UK are linked to HPV and it is proven to be one of the leading causes of mouth cancer, sufficient numbers that we think boys should enjoy the same choice as girls under the national immunisation scheme.”

“It is great that girls in the UK are given the choice to receive the HPV vaccine via the school vaccination program in year 9, but I also believe boys should be given the choice to receive the same cancer protection.

Unfortunately, the recent Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation review concluded that extending the HPV vaccination program to boys would not represent a good use of NHS resources. My boys are now the right age for HPV vaccination and they have both decided they would like to receive it.”

HPV Facts in Brief

  • There is currently no cure for HPV – only preventative vaccines
  • The national immunisation scheme is only available to girls 80% of the population currently are routinely infected by HPVs during their lifetime
  • 5% of all cancer cases in the UK are linked to HPV
  • HPV is a proven leading cause for Mouth Cancer in the UK
  • 97% of dentists and 94% of GPs surveyed have backed calls to expand vaccinations to boys
  • The same percentages (97% of dentists and 94% of GPs) have said that if they had sons they would have them vaccinated against HPV

For an in-depth introduction to HPV and to find out how to claim a free HPV consultation, or free Mouth cancer screening, visit the feature below:


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