Campaigners to greet ITV Cameras at Berkswell Windmill

A local Action Group campaigning against Green Belt housing developments in Balsall Common is inviting residents to turn out in force when ITV cameras visit Berkswell Windmill to cover the story tomorrow (Monday 13th February 2017).

BARRAGE (Balsall Against Rural Ruin and Green Belt Erosion) have been critical of Solihull’s Draft Local Plan, which they say avoids 14 potential brownfield sites, in proposing housing developments on several Green Belt sites.

ITV Cameras head to Berkswell Windmill

Campaign leaders are inviting members of the community to make their feelings known by turning out in numbers for the ITV cameras at Berkswell Windmill:

Date: Monday 13th February
Time: 10:15am
Venue: Berkswell Windmill, Windmill Lane, Balsall Common

BCC Midlands Today coverage

Solihull Draft Local Plan Consultation

Solihull Council’s Draft Local Plan is available for viewing online and residents are able to provide feedback via the Council’s portal during a consultation period which ends on Friday 17th February 2017.

Solihull Draft Local Plan Review

Local Plan Consultation Portal

Other Local Groups

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Balsall Common Village Residents Association

By Craig Burgess

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