Death knell looms for Jubilee Centre

The Jubilee Centre was saved once before in 2010

A small group of residents interested in protecting the Jubilee Centre for community issued a call to arms and plea for help this week to protect its’ future.

After years of valiant work, the Charity that was formed to fund and manage the centre is unable to continue due to lack of funding.   The impact is that the community must step in and form a Management Committee of its’ own before the facility is lost forever.

The clock is ticking and time is running out.  Residents interested in finding out more about what’s needed to save the Jubilee Centre  are invited to attend a Public Meeting at the Centre on Tuesday 24th January at 8:00pm.

For information or to volunteer your services email:

If you have any suggestions for how the centre could be used,  please share them on our Balsall Common Facebook page and we’ll pass them on.

By Craig Burgess