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Helen Wilkins-Tims aiming to bring back memories on Balsall Radio.

Saturday 03 December 2016: Craigy B writes:

The Balsall Radio team is growing and their presenters are busy expanding the range of content listeners can expect to enjoy.

New presenter Helen Wilkins-Tims is enjoying the fruits of a successful first nostalgia show last Sunday after lots of positive feedback.

The theme of her first show was the ‘Balsall Bop’ – the regular disco the Balsall Common Lions used to provide for youngsters – and Helen has been overwhelmed by the way the community embraced the show with their stories. Helen was a fan of the ‘Bop’ herself and the memories that flooded in proved the ‘Bop’ might be long-gone now, but will never forgotten.

Speaking about her arrival as a new presenter on Balsall Radio Helen said:

“I’m over the moon to be given this opportunity as it was a childhood dream to be a radio presenter. When I was younger I used to make up my own radio shows and record them on my Fisher Pryce cassette player.”

And her ambitions didn’t end there:

“I even went to Solihull sixth form to study media studies but my career path took me elsewhere. My first show last week was an unforgettable two hours. I did have a few technical problems which were out of my control, but I have been assured by some listeners it was just a few teething problems as they say they enjoyed the show.”

On the technical side Helen explained about the help she received from the station’s team behind the scenes:

“The Station founders Alex and Sam were brilliant and on-hand to offer remote assistance while I was on-air.”

Helen now has her sights set on her second show tomorrow (Sunday 4th December), to which she confesses genuine excitement thanks to the incredible enthusiasm for her next theme from members of the community:

“My second show is all about the good old days of Stocks Nightclub, with a small dedication to the Equestrian Club which used to be next door. I simply cannot thank the listeners enough for their support and encouragement. I have been inundated with tales, memories and song requests to help everyone reminisce together on Sunday’s show. It’s great to know so many people share my passion for reliving the past and remembering elements of the village which may be unknown or forgotten. The comments we’ve received this week show our nightclub was a big part of many people’s lives and I’m honoured and excited to get to share them with all our listeners this Sunday.”

Helen is already plotting for show number three and tells us we need to be on our best behaviour because we’re all going back to school:

“For next week it’s a ‘back-to-school’ theme as we invite people to share their history and tales of Balsall Common Primary school. Can’t wait! Hope you can tune in. And thanks to everybody for listening!”

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