Balsall Common Primary School’s Inspiring Futures Day

Pupils from a Solihull school got the chance to find out whether they might be the engineers of the future when they took part in a special ‘skills day’ recently.

The day gave children the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a safe environment in small groups giving them a tremendous overall experience.

The event held at Solihull College, Woodlands Campus, and covered six areas:

· Motor Vehicle
· Engineering
· Aerospace
· Construction
· Hairdressing & Barbering
· Beauty

Pupils got the chance to pick four areas from six and had an hour to explore and learn about their chosen area.

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The Mayor of Solihull, Mike Robinson, opened the event and spent two hours with the students spending time in each area as did the Principle of Solihull College, John Callaghan, Rosa Wells, Programme Manager Engineering and Woodlands Campus Higher Education Shaun Hindle, Senior Director Employment and Skills Solihull College & University Centre and Graeme Burgess, Executive Headteacher of Central Schools Trust.

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The event, which Solihull Chamber helped organise, was aimed at showing the students what careers were on offer in key areas with the aim of potentially filling the Skills Gaps of the future.

Howard Rose, director of funding and publicity at the school, said: “It was a great event and shows real collaborative working. If it had not been for Solihull Chamber of Commerce and Solihull College it would never have happened and 90 children would have missed out on the experience and inspiration I am sure this day gave them.

“It is hugely important to inspire young children and get their imaginations going, think about future career paths and to dispel myths.This is a great example of what we are doing to fill the skills gaps and ‘change the world’ rather than just talking about it.”

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