Baldly going where no team has gone before

Local woman, Marie Jenks, joins bald team to take on the BBC ‘Eggheads’

On Thursday 17th March 2016 at 6pm, the BBC will air a unique episode of its hit TV series ‘Eggheads’ on BBC2. Aside from the usual nail-biting challenge of an amateur team taking on ‘possibly the greatest quiz team in Britain’, this very special episode will see a team of five completely bald women taking on the challengers in a bid to win the current cash prize.

The team, which includes local woman and former Heart of England pupil Marie Jenks, all suffer from Alopecia, an auto-immune condition which causes partial or total hair loss. They are taking to our screens to raise awareness of the condition, making a huge visual impact along the way. Even better, they have pledged to donate any winnings to National Charity Alopecia UK. Tune in to see if this unique team can beat the Eggheads!

Marie has been bald since 1999 and initially focussed on getting treatments and hiding her condition. With the help of Alopecia UK, she slowly grew in confidence, culminating in her appointment as lead of the Birmingham Support Group early last year. The only thing holding her back was her wig and so she made a decision to ditch it, ‘coming out’ on her 40th birthday. She is now proud to be bald and promoting awareness. She says “Now I feel good about it, but it has taken me a long time to get to a good place”.