Message to BC Primary pupils past and present (Sue Law)


A special message to Balsall Common Primary School pupils past and present from Cheryl Law in Manchester. Cheryl’s Mum Sue has been a familiar face at Balsall Common Primary School for many years and having learned that her Mum had planned to slink away at the end of a marvelous career unnoticed, Cheryl set her heart on gathering well-wishes and memories from Mrs Law’s young charges past and present.

Please pass all your messages to Cheryl via Facebook, or via the Balsall Common Facebook page:

A special message from Cheryl Law

“Hey Balsall Common folk – I need your help!

My Mum, Sue Law (aka Mrs Law from reception) is retiring from Balsall Common Primary School this week after THIRTY years working at the school. As far as we know, this record has only been surpassed by one other member of staff in the entire 102 year history of the school: a teacher who retired in the 50s. She has thrown herself into this job – sharing her love of art, things from history, story-telling and reading with the children. In her time at the school she has gone to school dressed as a badger, a school girl and even a 110 year old woman, when she fooled her class into believing she was Mrs Law’s Grandmother, to answer their questions about being at Balsall Primary when it first opened in the 1900s. Some of you will also remember her as Buttons from Centre Stage’s Cinderella which caused children all over the village to shout out “Hello Buttons!” in school, at the Co-op and even at church for years.

I would love it if any of you who remember her from school, were taught by her in reception, or if your own children have been through her class, would send your memories or messages to me, along with the year you left the school, and Melanie Martin and I will put them in a big card and present it to her. Please also share this with any of your friends who were at BC Primary.

She talks about many of you as if you were still 5 and she remembers the most astonishing things! For years we have been entertained by stories of what naughty mischief you have all been up to as well as what you have since achieved. The names of talented children who are good at art, can name every monkey in Africa or can sing beautifully have been household names in our house, as she recounts the achievements of her children with pride, and I’ve seen many a tear shed when a struggling child excels against all the odds. She truly cares for every child that has been through her class.

Many thanks