Scaredy-cow turned moooo-vie star

Maisy Moo
Maisy Moo

After an extraordinary bout of pre-show nerves in which the Centre Stage pantomime cow ran off during rehearsals, Maisy Moo was udder-ly brilliant when it mattered, in front of delighted audiences during the first round of Centre Stage shows at the Heart of England School last weekend. Cinderella and the Magic Beanstalk has enjoyed rave reviews and the show’s writer and Director Yazmin Zahran, delighted at her stroppy cow’s barnstorming performance, summed up the cast’s sense of spirit after their first round of shows:


“I am pleased to announce that Maisy Moo managed to overcome her stage-fright and as a result, has become bigger than a true mooo-vie star! After almost selling out our first weekend, the cast are even more determined to make our last 3 shows sell-out.”

And Yaz was quick to warn folks not to leave their decision to show up too late this coming weekend:


“Our kung-fu pigs are getting increasingly good at their killer-moves, so you’d best save your bacon and come see the show before they take action!”


The shows, which have been well-received by children and adults alike, are testament to the imaginative writing of the show’s director and cast who have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into this completely original pantomime mash-up, which draws inspiration from a number of shows:


“I couldnt be more proud of what we at Centre Stage have achieved with such a colourful, energetic and hilarious performance.” said Yaz. “The way cast and crew have brought my script to life is really something magical and the audience feedback has been amazing.”


Such has been the success of the show that first-weekend visitors have been talking about returning for the final round of performances this weekend. The show also sparked the creative juices of young show-goers who may have unwittingly influenced the shape of next year’s show, as Yaz reveals:


“At our Saturday matinee I witnessed a group of children holding what appeared to be an impromptu conference in the foyer. Turns out they were discussing what they thought was going to happen to certain characters which, dare I say, did give me some ideas for a new panto…oh yes it did!”


At the time of writing tickets were still available for this weekend’s shows (Friday 31st January and Saturday 1st February), sales for which have been excellent. With the possible exception of Saturday’s matinee performance, last-minute visitors should be able to join in the fun by walking-up and paying on the doors.


See poster for details of the final three shows: