Free life-saving training offered to residents

Fast Aid's Jeffrey Way
Fast Aid’s Jeffrey Way

Knowing how to respond to a life-threatening condition could be a surprisingly valuable skill in a seemingly well-equipped location like Balsall Common according to emergency community responders at Fast Aid, who are offering free Basic Life Support training to local residents, following the success of recent sessions in the village. Balsall Common Fast Aid representative and community first responder Jeffrey Way illustrates the specific local issue, using cardiac arrest as his example:


“Balsall Common is right on the edge of the areas covered by Solihull & Coventry Ambulance Stations and because of this it can take a long time for an Ambulance to arrive at an emergency. Figures suggest that irreversible brain damage usually occurs within 4 minutes of an untreated attack, followed by death within 6-8 minutes.”


Voluntary First Responders and knowledgable others could make all the difference and Fast Aid are putting on two more free Basic Life Support training sessions at Balsall Common Village Hall, following the success of previous sessions in July.


Sessions will cover CPR (CardioPulmanary Resusitation) and the use of an automated defibrillator, an example of which can be found mounted in the high-visibility yellow box on the front of Balsall Common Pharmacy.


Free Basic Life Support Training


All interested parties are welcome to attend the forthcoming free sessions as follows:


  • Wednesday 18th September
  • Friday 18th October

    Both sessions start at 7.45pm at Balsall Common Village Hall on Station Road and all are welcome. Organisers will accept anyone who turns up on the night but would appreciate advance notice where possible. Notify your ‘no obligation’ intention to attend by email to