Berkswell Windmill Radio goes from strength to strength

Berkswell Windmill Radio (BWR) – the online radio station which started out with a ‘one-off’ tribute show following the passing of 86 year old windmill tour guide Stan Watkins – is in the midst of a giant leap in popularity. The community station is run by 14 year old Heart of England pupil Liam Sawyer.


Stan Watkins – the inspiration for the station – was a Berkswell Windmill tour guide and one of a handful of passionate founders of the Friends of Berkswell Windmill group who lovingly set about restoring the windmill.


Liam had no idea when he ran his ‘one-off’ broadcast what he’d started but by October 2012 his broadcasts were attracting around 200 regular listeners. Since then the listener graph has shot up as word has continued to spread with Liam’s shows now regularly clocking in excess of 800 listeners per show.


Thanks to his willingness to engage with his audiences, his shows are musically eclectic, fulfilling a range of requests from golden oldies to latest hits. On Friday Liam even played a ‘house-mix’ submitted by one of his listeners. Shows also include quizzes, broadcast-themes and local community news making the station a great addition to community life.


There is a show this evening from 7pm for anyone who wants to listen in. To tune into the show online (the only way to do it) go here at 7pm this evening:


You can also get involved with BWR on Facebook here: