Free hypnotherapy taster sessions at Balsall Common Pharmacy

Balsall Common Pharmacy Station Road Balsall Common

Of all the services on offer at Balsall Common Pharmacy, one of the most interesting is the in-house hypnotherapy sessions they make available, subject to appointment, care of their resident hypnotherapy expert Adam Cowming.

Mr Cowming is a specialist in wieght-loss but has expertise with an almost inexhaustible list of areas including, but not exclusively restricted to: anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder; fear of flying; smoking cessation; sports performance; anxiety and stress; depression; exam nerves; insomnia; plus alcohol, drugs and addiction related issues.


By special arrangement Mr Cowming of Coventry based Beautiful Life Hypnotherapy will be offering free weekend taster sessions on Saturday 9th February. Some of Mr Cowming’s most popular services include weight loss, smoking cessation, and the removal of anxiety attacks and phobias, but he has many more strings to his bow.

His 10-15 minute free tester sessions could be perfect for anyone who has ever thought about exploring hypnotherapy but has ever had doubts about whether it’s for them, or for anyone for whom the taster session is too big a step, Mr Cowming is happy for visitors just to pop in and ask questions.


Mr Cowming is particularly delighted to be offering his services in Balsall Common because of his strong family links with the village:


“My Mum grew up in Balsall Common’s Waste Lane so I spent a lot of my younger years in and around the area. My grandad Eric Howes used to work in the old wood yard in Waste Lane and worked as a carpenter in the local area for many years. I’m very proud oof my family ties to the area and for the opportunity to work together with Balsall Common Pharmacy.”


If you think now’s the time to change your life call Balsall Common Pharmacy to book your slot on 01676 532927, or drop by the store and book.