Santa’s tour hits Fen End and Balsall Common

The Balsall Common Lions embark on Day Two of their annual Christmas tour with Santa today, kicking off with a visit to Fen End before reaching Balsall Common for the first time.


This evening’s tour takes in the following streets:


Oldwich Estate, Fen End
Balsall Street (Saracens Head to Saracens Drive)
Saracens Drive
Lavendar Hall Lane
Church Lane
Coventry Road
Meadow Close
Pound Close
Spencer Lane
Meriden Road
Back Lane
Hodgetts Lane (Waste Lane)
Waste Lane
Old Waste Lane
Windmill Close
Wellfield Close


For queries, or request for Santa to make any special stops wait call the Lions on 0845 833 2848, or send them an email to: