Balsall Common endurance star hits ITV show

Balsall Common’s Paddy Doyle finds himself the focus of questions on ITV’s Inside Guinness World Records tomorrow evening (Tuesday 11th December 2012) as they explore his career as a record breaking endurance athlete. The former paratrooper holds 52 current Guinness World Records, the most by anyone in the UK. In tomorrow’s ITV programme he explains how his love affair with endurance feats turned him away from a life of trouble and near certain future living at her Majesty’s pleasure.


In between world record challenges and looking after his two daughters with his partner Deborah, Paddy gets involved in a vast array of physical activities including mountain trekking. He also offers personal training sessions in a specially constructed gym in his back garden.


Paddy is an expert in a wide range of disciplines and is willing to take on trainees, indoors and out, across a range of activities including martial arts, boxing, advanced circuit training, to name but a few. Email Paddy for information at: or visit his website at


You can see Paddy’s appearance on Inside Guinness World Records on Tuesday 11th December 2012, at 8pm on ITV1.