Initial designs released for Berkswell and Balsall Common HS2 viaduct

Initial technical drawings have been released showing details for a 565 metre viaduct from Truggist Lane to Lavendar Hall Lane between the settlements of Berkswell and Balsall Common.


The height of the viaduct will vary due to the terrain but is otherwise unclear at this stage, although 1.4 metre high side walls have been included to defend against noise pollution.


The initial technical drawings can be viewed here:


Berkswell & Balsall Common Viaduct – Technical Drawings




  1. Like many things with HS2, all is not as it seems. As far it’s known, there is no technical solution for bringing the noise down to an acceptable level though a full height noise absorbing wall would help. Instead of 1.4m “skirts”, there needs to be a 7m high solid barrier, which would have to be integrated with the viaduct structure because of wind loadings and the blast from the trains.
    At least a noise barrier would screen the Overhead Line Equipment – which isn’t shown on the diagram.