Balsall Common Pharmacy launches flu vaccination service

Balsall Common Pharmacy on Station Road has launched a £9.49 ‘walk-in’ flu vaccination service for all those folk who don’t qualify for free vaccinations through their local surgeries, offering an incredibly convenient way to avoid this year’s winter bugs. The vaccination service is available 7 days every week, thanks to the store’s 100 hours per week opening policy.


For anyone who is uncomfortable about simply dropping in for the service, there is an option to book an appointment in advance, but the store owners say this isn’t necessary.


The overall visiting time for vaccinations is approximately 15 minutes, to allow time for the completion of a short consent form, along with 5 minutes sitting time after the vaccination, the standard requirement to check for any any adverse reactions to the medication.


There is also a vaccination option for local businesses interested in protecting their staff and business owners are invited to get in touch to discuss possible arrangements.


Balsall Common Pharmacy is open 100 hours per week, from 6am until 9pm Mondays to Saturdays, plus 7am to 5pm on Sundays.


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